YMCAprescott az lap pool schedule

In December 2016 a sign was posted informing the Prescott, AZ YMCA members that an adult swim conditioning class was to begin 2/1/17. I was appalled by this since the adult lap swim schedule is extremely stingy at this YMCA. The hours and availability of swim lanes is already unacceptable in my view. I asked the clerk at the front desk about it and she assured me it would be in the 'Deep Water' section of the aquatic center. I was relieved since the lap pool schedule has a very narrow window for full time working people as it is. Since I have been at this "Y" there has always been 6 lanes available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 5pm - 6:30pm. Other than that, its very limited with 3 lanes open here and there and never during the AFTER business hours. Now the lap swimming schedule for the after work crowd has been diminished by 4 lanes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday leaving 2 lanes for approximately 15 usual members. I called to complain and the aquatics manager was rude. She said the notice has been up since December and I should have said something. Keep in mind that I mentioned it to the clerk the FIRST day I saw the notice and was told it was in a different section - I had nothing to worry about. NOT TRUE. I have been a regular swimmer since I was 25 years old. I'm 58 years old now. I feel that keeping the full time workers from their workouts is completely unacceptable. As a fitness center they should be aware that working a fulltime desk job requires a minimum of a one hour workout daily. The aquatics manager didn't think this at all. She seemed cavalier in her thinking towards working people and their tight schedules such as mine. She said she's sticking with the new program and this will be indefinitely. I called the Director to complain and he has not taken the time to get back to me. Prescott, Arizona is known for a friendly and family oriented atmosphere. The YMCA is a Christian organization. This Prescott YMCA has proven itself to be neither friendly or Christian. Taking away someone fitness routine is downright awful and can cause physical consequences to the person/s that are affected.

Feb 02, 2017

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