YMCA Monroe WA / unexplained hold on my account

Monroe, WA, United States
Contact information:

October 13, 2018 was interrupted while exercising at the Monroe WA YMCA by a front desk staffer who advised that a hold was placed on my account, and she was unable to explain why. I have not received a phone call, or email or notice of any type regarding this.

I have contacted Craig Chambers, Executive Director of the Monroe/Sky Valley Family Branch on several occasions, via text and requested that he provide the reasoning behind this hold, in writing via email. He has not provided the same.

On October 15th I received a phone call from a Y staffer asking me to schedule a time to meet with Mr. Chambers. I advised that I requested the issue be put in writing via email. She advised that I was not to come in to the Y again. To date, notification of what the alleged issue is has not been received.

Please assist me in being notified of what heinous crime I have committed, without my knowledge and without notification regarding the same so that this matter may be resolved. I believe Mr. Chambers has me confused with another member.

Jean "Jeannie" Anderson-Thompson

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