YMCA , East Shore / unethical employee

I was a member at the East Shore YMCA in Harrisburg, PA for about 5 months. I went to the YMCA to workout to deal with depression from pregnancy and the death of my daughter's father. My daughter's father was mentally and physically abusive for the 2+ years we were together.

While a member I became personally involved with a trainer that I had my Y-fit appointments with. While we were getting to know each other during my workouts, I told him specific details of the mental abuse I endured. During our relationship he was doing the same mental abusive things my daughter's father was doing.

This trainer has a very deceptive past that the YMCA director is aware of. Considering their mission statement to support mind, body, and soul along with their advocacy work against all types of abuse, I would think they would be more careful of who they employ.

This trainer knew what I went through and intentionally did the same things. He has a serious problem from his past that he refuses to stay in therapy for and won't acknowledge his actions are mentally abusive.

I don't think he should be employed at the YMCA where he can take advantage of people because he is very deceptive and his unethical behavior goes against what they portray themselves to stand for.

Mar 25, 2017

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