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Yext services when I started with them were direct and understandable. I was able to get credit for their pay to call service. I get an invoice listen to the calls that came in and note down which where fake, solicitors, wrong numbers, etc. It was easy I would call in or use their website. No problems for a year. I then started getting calls that were not only wrong numbers but totally out of the scope of my region and my doctors office. They denied credit stating that they no longer provide credit for calls that were made. How the HELL do you not give credit to your customer for legitimate complaints. I wasnt pulling them out of thin air. Their customer service was not providing any at all. Finally the only solution that a supervisor, Kennan, could give me was credit for a year for maintenance. What the hell do I want a freakin $10 credit for 12 months, when I was dinged for over $700. Their quality of service is ridiculous!!!

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  • Am
      May 07, 2013

    I purchased their advertising program and it has been over a month and I still can not up load pictures to my account. They do not provide a contact number anywhere on their back office site so I am stuck with the program for a year with no refund. Talk about 600.00 of a waste. Don't buy into their products. They have awful customer service and I have not created any leads from their advertising. It has been 4 months! I do; however, get countless calls for people wanting to sell me something or offer me business deals over seas. NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR. If I had plenty of extra money I wouldn't be looking for inexpensive ways to advertise. Geeezzzz!

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  • Mi
      Jun 03, 2014

    I signed up for essential service which would put my company on Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. I have a contracting company so my personal address is not valid for me because I go to the customers locations where I work. Without releasing it though, Bing won't put me on their search list at all.
    Using Yahoo- when I search for the category for what I do and the areas I service, I could not find myself in any of those search engines unless its my own a town that I live in; even then, finding my business in my own town had me listed # 28 with people from other towns listed before me.
    Bottom line I had so much trouble finding my own self, I now understood why I haven't received any business calls in the months I was signed up with YEXT. (ps -Their answer was to call Bing and talk to them about their policy-I was figuring Bing was represented by the Yext company I signed up for.)

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  • Ti
      Oct 26, 2014

    I recently lost my visibility on the internet. The drop in viability started in May 2014. When Yelp and Yahoo emerged. I not only lost 15 Yahoo reviews . Which were 5 + star ratings... My visabilty score was effected . The phone stopped ringing I actually though for months it was my magic jack and telephone. The online estimates stopped shortly right after. I was speechless. This is a twenty year old business. I have a web site hosted by Yahoo. I pay Yext powerlisting to do what . It seems to me that if search engines are know using backlinks and reviews why would yext continue to sale software that not up to date or something.

    This is an expense to business owners that could off been elimated if customer service would off suggested my options. Instead selling and not looking out for the consumer which is their customer.. when I contacted them telling them my issues as a paying customer. I'm lost and ready to revert back to old school advertizing. Think about the $ that I could off saved...

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