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Complaints & Reviews

liveperson liveengage livechat services

Contacting this company to complain about them continuing to charge a credit card AFTER a cancellation notice / email was sent (per their instructions) is near impossible. You call their number, and you get a text message sent back to you. There is NO LIVE HUMAN to talk with. AVOID this company at all cost. These reviews about fortunetellers is a coverup attempt to hide their bad name.

live person refuses to cancel account

We were with LivePerson for many several years and decided not to use them in January of 2017. After calling them and asking to cancel our account, they said that we could not cancel for ninety days. This is their policy if you can believe that. We agreed to keep going without a fight and took their product off our website in April of 2017. We realized that they were still billing us in August of 2017 and demanded the charges to be reversed and to stop billing us. We were once again told that we must wait ninety days to cancel our account.

It is now September of 2017 and we're still being billed $45 a month. This amount is more than their advertised amount on their website. We have gone around and around with them and today we've officially filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and contacted our credit card company for help. What can a small business do when a huge publicly traded company like this decides to take them hostage? We will take our fight online and make our voices heard! I'm sure that we're not the only small business they are doing this to.

Shame on you Live Person for trapping people into a monthly service. Shame on you for having hostage policies in place that steal from the pockets of hard working companies. You should be ashamed of yourself for making it difficult for people to leave you.

We will continue to spread the word about your bullish tactics and unethical business practices. It starts today and we will make sure the world knows the facts about you before they buy.

It's quite difficult to find their cancellation policies but you can if you dig around. Here they are

We hope this changes someone's decision to do business with this company.

live person refuses to cancel account

Scam artist

This site is a fraud, there is absolute no screening of anyone. Anyone lists their profiles claiming to be...

Fraud Site

This site is a scam. Programmers from other countries basically India. They lie about there experience. Commit to projects and never provide great quality service sometimes they just back out without telling you. Don't use this site if you need a project. I would just pay the extra money to hire someone local. If you have these guys do it you will 99.9% not be satisfied the money you save you will pay more to have your project redone. Most of the reviews are generate by the experts. Look at the review names you can tell if 100 reviews are by the same person. Also of the Experts have multiple names on the site again you can tell by the responses, the work they submit (look at the properties in Microsoft Office documents) they will show the computer names.

I cant say enough AVOID this site if you don't want to be LIED TO, hire inexperience experts, have late project, get wrong answers
Just not worth it. Plus customer service is not local I assume India. You can not call them They only respond to emails in the middle of the night. They will hold you responsible for invoice impossible to get money back. Don't trust these people with your credit card

  • Fa
    falalala Jan 01, 2014

    I believe you and read this:
    "Readings by Marianna"
    Stay away from this "expert" he's a liar posing as a woman pretending to tell only the truth, gets angry when "she" can't answer some questions or ignores, behaves inappropriatly which is unethical everything is fake and the so called prayers or spells simply don't work.
    I am sorry but this person is utterly crazy and the spelling is diabolical defenitly not a native English speaker as the grammar is terrible and some of the words don't even make sense.
    Not everything predicted came to pass I believe it was a mixture of true and what I wanted to hear.

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Liveperson Counselors are a bunch of Seedy ###s

Condensed version:

Waste of money. Just don't do it.

Long Version:

I just tried this company (they supposedly let you have the first 3 minutes free so you can see if it's any good)...and thank God I didn't pay for it. I searched through their database of psychologists to find the most experienced and knowledgeable-looking one, so I didn't just pick any random person.
This man, who supposedly has a PhD in psychology, was typing like a 13-year-old girl. His typing speed had to be about 10 words per minute (in the chat module, you can see sentences as they're typed out). There were misspelled words, blatant capitalization errors, etc. Now, I'm not just being a grammar Nazi about his bad typing skills. My point is that, in order for this man to truly have a PhD. in psychology, you'd expect him to at least know how to spell. He's had to write a thesis at some point in his life, and several essays, if he truly is a PhD. I strongly suspect that he is not.
Furthermore, besides the fact that the delivery was bad, the actual content of what he was typing to me amounted to absolutely nothing. All he even told me during the entire time I spoke with him is that the only way to know anything for sure is to go physically see a real therapist. Basically, he knew this was a waste of time, but he wanted to keep me on the line so he could charge me more. Any ethical person would have dismissed me right then, because there's nothing more that could be done online. Instead, he directed me to the "Hire Now" button (which is how you start getting charged after your first free few minutes). What was I supposed to hire him for?
Also, LivePerson says that the first 3 minutes are free, blatantly on the page. However, this isn't true: that "psychologist" cut me off and directed me to the payment button after about the first 1.5 to 2 minutes. Thinking back on how it all went down, it's actually hilarious how scammish this is. Basically, this is what happened:

Website says: Join LivePerson now and chat for free with any of our qualified psychologists for the first 3 minutes. Website displays rows and rows of smiling, clean-cut looking psychology graduates with polished-looking credentials.

Then you contact your psych of choice and start your first free 3 minutes, expecting them to at least be on their best behavior for now because this is the moment that determines whether or not you'll decide to pay them. Then...
From the first sentence he types, you strongly suspect that the person who is supposedly a 40-something year old psychology PhD. who takes what he does seriously, is really a 13 year old girl trying to make a few bucks and doesn't take anything seriously at all.

This is how that disheartening conversation went:

Psych: Hello

Me: Hi. I have a few problems that I wonder if you could help me with...(I describe a list of symptoms at least 2 paragraphs long).

Psych: REally the only way to know for sure is if you go to a counseling center but I can give you FEEdback.

Me: Okay...well...(I describe things some more in detail, at least another paragraph).

Psych: PLEase hire me to continue talking.

He never even acknowledged that he had read what I had written. And then asked me to pay him. Utter ###edness. Who would hire anyone from there, if this is what their top-recommended "experts" are like? I can't imagine they get any more helpful after you've already paid them, if this is all they can manage to even bait you into paying.

A psych at a physical place may be more intimidating and you may have to drive or get driven there, but really, if your only two options are that or online counseling from LivePerson, do the real-world counseling or don't do it at all. I've read other complaints about people getting billed hundreds of dollars from LivePerson without their knowledge for just a few minutes of talking as well, which is another reason why I never gave these people my financial information. And everybody who has ever used a LivePerson service knows that they NEVER give refunds, even if they say they will, or even if they were unjust. They'll never do it, don't expect them to. So, since LivePerson will likely either over-bill you or the psych you speak to will try to keep you on the chat/phone line with their unhelpful, unqualified jibberish to make you pay more, LivePerson probably isn't even cheaper than a real psych. You're paying the same amount (or more) for pure ###.

Seriously, why would you pay for this?

To make things extra-ridiculous, I actually posted one of the problems I intended to speak with the psych about on Yahoo Answers in the Psychology section and, just 20 minutes later, I had 2 insightful responses from people who could actually spell and could believably have a psychology degree. And it was completely free. It also keeps the anonymous, at-home appeal of online therapy because you remain faceless, don't even have to give your real name, and can delete the question soon after if you want to. And you can re-ask it as many times as you want, free.

Yahoo Answers' Psychology section is more useful than Liveperson Counseling. That's really saying something. Don't pay for that [censored].

  • So
    Sophia41 Apr 21, 2015

    The fields of psychology and psychiatry are as full of internal corruption that the US government hides, just like the medical and pharmaceutical industries are!
    Until the corruptions FROM WITHIN our institutions is confronted and addressed, our society will continue to drop deeper in the dregs.

    You can also thank criminal leniency against fraud, and failures of the FBI and other government and law enforcement to investigate and DETER these crimes against our citizens!

    What a scam!! Glad you took the time to post and warn other potential users. The people who sue against freedom of speech about being victimized should be counter sued as traitors, because commercial industries are now wreaking havoc on the internet, especially when word gets out how badly they are ripping off citizens!!

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Will Rip You OFF

They will rip you off. LP Marketer sold me on their product and promised me I was in good hands. When it came...

You may not believe that some experts have thousands of dollars as pending money

You may not believe that some experts have thousands of dollars as pending money (claimed as customer did not pay), imagine this big lie, an enterprise like Liveperson is not able to control paid/unpaid transactions for 30, 000 experts or more, it is a very big lie that no one can believe it. And imagine how much money frauds are being deducted from all these hard working experts and some of them are knowledge less as well. I don’t encourage any one to work with them at all; because it is something like gambling “as long as you gamble as more the losses are”.

Liveperson sucks, it supports only the clients and not the experts who work hard

Liveperson sucks, it supports only the clients and not the experts who work hard. They have a weak payment system who doesn't promise to safeguard experts earnings

  • Ib
    Ibrahim Yaghi Jun 14, 2012

    Their payment system is based on manual options set manually by a group of scammers; what to pick from like: Paid, Pend, Deposit, Hide, that is what I experienced from this scam site as an IT expert. Because some of my transactions showed up as Paid, then Pending, then got hidden. It depend on what they set it manually.

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  • Ro
    Romulanking Nov 04, 2012

    LivePerson has defrauded me out of almost $450, and that does not include their non-efforts to recover payments from clients that defrauded both of us. Because of my complaints, LIvePerson closed my expert account. Don't work for them - their employees all work in Israel and believe they are beyond the scope of U.S. law.

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fraud, refused refund

Recently needed help with HTML coding. This was urgent and the only option I came across was

I chose an expert with excellent reviews. During the first 3 minutes I stated clearly what I needed for this expert. I was assured they have had years of experience. Expert was hired. Long story short, this person didn't seem to know anything about HTML but not until after he was hired for some time.

I requested a refund from Liveperson and they refused. They claimed I should have asked during the free 3 minute period to make sure if the expert can actually help me (I did that). They also claimed no one was stopping me from quiting the session (I did quit but not until after the pay session have started). They also said the expert should be paid for the time they spent with me regardless whether they helped me or not.

It annoys me that Liveperson would support people who are frauds. By not removing this person from their site they are allowing others to be cheated out of their money.

truth and light misleading

I admit psychic readings can be a bunch of hoop la, but I wanted to warn the community regarding psychic readings with the website. The ratings in general are misleading, because you can only rate if you pay past the 3-min 'free period.' that is also in question since they charge 'reservation charge' that they promise to give back if you do not press the 'for hire' button. Thus far I have attempted to have readings with the following psychics who just cut me off. Despite the website claim of a 'free three minutes.' most of these psychics spend time 'connecting' so you only get the answers if you particular i've had issues with the following psychics: these are bogus!!! This is just based on my experience. They seem to cut me off quite quickly and want to get paid first before helping. Krishna: 100% free connection time. Consult me online for accurate reading. My expert service I don't deal in false promises I deal in reality. My readings are very in depth, I give you enough information during your session so that you can make the best choice regarding love issue you may be faced with. I will focus on significant events that have occurred and where they could lead you. I can only offer you insight, not fate. It is you who has the power to change your life. I cannot make your decisions for you, but I can help to guide you. Experience & qualifications I have helped many people from all walks of life. I'm using my awesome gift for over 6 months. I can bring you in the right direction in life. If you want the truth and to seek into the future then i'm here to help you. Accurate, professional and caring. So, call me now! Truth and light degrees engineer, mba my expert service I can look into your situation and provide deeper insight into how the other person is feeling. Sometimes, it is not clear to us when we are trapped in the situation and in the thick of it all. I am able to provide spiritual healing, psychic predictions using my god given gift and see what your future holds. You should only come to me if you can handle the truth because I do not believe in saying something to just keep you a happy customer. I love to help you out in the shortest time available to us or as long as you wish to stay connected with me-you are welcome. I can help you see the best path/direction in your life in achieving the financial success, removing third person by giving you confidence and energy healing, if his/her ex is a problem my spirit guides george and heidi can help you overcome these obstacles by having the complete control of your life cycle. Experience & qualifications natural born psychic with over 15 years of experience available modes of communication email/chat psychic hermes degrees I can tune into the messages from my angels and will deliver those messages to you. I can also channel the angelic realm. Besides, I am also a devoted student and an avid reader and I have been doing my own personal research in this field for the past few years. My expert service I am delighted to help you with any area of your life. Let me use my intuitive faculties to bring you solace, love, joy and guidance. Experience & qualifications let me use my rich practical experience and my ability to tune into the angelic world to help you. Love medium chantelle universal life church. Tested and proven 99.99% accurate psychic by the psychicsource original. Naturally-born medium, life guide, seer. Qualified master reader of : — tarot — ancient runes — ball scrying — psychic remove viewing — kabbalah — vedic astrology to name the few. Connect to the real psychic source. Priestess chantelle is your help in most difficult situations. Her mastered skills and genuine talent of tarot, runes, ball scrying, runes and other mediums combined with her natural clairvoyance are here to provide you with a reading that is accurate, clear, easy to follow, compassionate, non-judgemental. Her reading connects you with the genuine advise, wisdom and insght, as well as the true messages from angelic realm, that follow thru as visions-answers on your foremost wanted questons. Spiritual divini service degrees iam a born psychic with gifted abilities and this our 3rd generation. I have over 1.5 years of experience here at kasamba and through out my life time I have helped many peoples with their problems & concerns. Dont wait let me help you too. I am an honest reader, and I am here to help guide you in your troubled areas in your life and give you answers to all your questions. I have mended broken marriages and brought soulmates together, guided many in their destined career choices. I have the answers to all your questions and concerns. Contact me anytime. My help is just a reading away from you. My expert service wondering if you will ever find true happiness. I am hear to listen and to help you in every way I can. You did not stumble on me by accident. I will provide you with direct advice and no sugar coating to help you with your journey. If you got a relationship question or just want to know who your soulmate is or who you will marry I am here to help. I think that you will find that I am an honest open person, so lets talk and get to the bottom of things. I also do the cleansing of all kinds of spells with my gifted abilities and with the help of my angels. I have my own personal experience for almost 1.5 years now at kasamba, and it is my desire and passion to help people. If you want a reading that will astound you, bring peace to your spirit and uplift you, as iam available here for u round the clock to provide my service, then give me a try today. Iam just a single click away from u. Thank you. Experience & qualifications I have over 1.5 years of experience at kasamba in every aspects of life and I have a number of satisfied clients here. I can help you with any problem dealing with affairs of the heart. I have reunited separated lovers. I have prevented unwanted divorces and I have found many true soul-mates for peoples. I will help you with whatever the problem. I will give you time frames when things will happen. I have been helping with affairs of the heart for many years as did my mother before me, her mother before her and many years before that. My experience have taught me to help people to recognise what it is they are looking for and show them the potential within themselves to acquire a long and lasting relationship. If you desire help with your love life, please call me now. If you call have a specific question ready. It is always possible to get connected to spirit and you to give an accurate detailed answers. Please remember to rate on your reading. Thank you.

hidint poor ratings

Had a reading by eternal insights. I could tell right away this was a script reader who probably had several accounts with liveperson. I rated he/she? With 1 star.. I waited 24 hours and rating was not showing, I contacted liveperson they told me to give it a few more hours to post... The following day my rating still did not show. I contacted liveperson again, they told me that they did not post the rating because the reader was having tech problems when they read for me. I told liveperson that there was no tech problem what so ever. I left because his reading was silly and he was not connecting. They kept insisting that reader was having tech problems and they were not going to post my rating.. I had to demand that they post it, saying it was not fair for readees only seeing the bogus 5 star ratings from the same readees over and over again. I wonder how many times this happens with liveperson not posting the real ratings. It seems eternal insights must have stock in this company, they have been reported as possing as a woman and then a man, and reported for having several accounts, and now liveperson is hiding poor ratings on this reader.. I wonder why

Professional Counselors (mental health)

Not only are the psychics really abusive and scam-y, the so-called counselors, who have so-called credentials, really act very incompetent, most of them do anyway.

They are abusive! I tried to get into live chat with 5 in a row tonight and no one would take me and I have worked with someone a couple of times, and they ALWAYS found some way to dump me or to drop the ball when I needed them the most.

I go to them for answers to questions on my life and (not suicidal) and my problems and all I get is anything from "It's all your fault" without an objective viewpoint, to "I'm busy, what do you want?"

I will no longer go there or tell my friends about it, except to tell them RUN; don't go to liveperson.

Credentials or not, liveperson is a place where therapists can have a PARTY abusing clients and messing with their heads!

In fact a friend of mine last spring almost ended her life because a therapist on Liveperson blocked her without telling her why and later acted like nothing happened! I saved her life.

Stay away from Liveperson and join online forums; at least there ppl are forgivable cause they are not slick pro's who think they have a right to mess with our psyches for cheap dollars.


Rosalynda claimed that she could give me detailed information on where to find my lost dog. My question to her was that I wanted specific information - location, landmarks, cross streets, etc. She said "sure - I can do that". I "hired" the expert for a flat fee and was immediately presented with an invoice to confirm.
The information Rosalynda provided was so vague - 15 miles away with an older person.
When I asked for specifics since that is what I requested, she told me I needed to pay her more money. "She was done working for free." Free - nothing. I paid her good money.
I contacted about this. I requested a refund or at least part of the money back. I was told by their Billing Department that I approved the invoice after I received the reading.
That is a LIE - Rosalynda presented me with an invoice as soon as I went into hire mode. The time stamp on the invoice is over 30 minutes BEFORE I received the "reading" from Rosalynda.
The Billing Department is a joke and Rosalynda may have a "gift" but she scams you by not realling answering your question and then demands more money when pushed to get the information she was hired to provide.


Today I had been con by an "expert" which I had hired at to do my c+ assignment as he had promised at a cost of usd30. This "expert" by the name of web designer_programmer or sunny_nu (He had changed to this nick after his con job) had sent me a c+ codes which doesn't work and he claimed it does work on his computer. After I had refused to approve his invoice he started to get pushy and said he will only send me the correct solution after I paid him and gave him a good rating! I can see how this is going, him blackmailing me for more $ perhaps? So I had reported him to liveperson as well as paypal. Guess what, liveperson did have a livechat with me and asked me to wait for their reply. Which I did not receive it till I had contest the invoice in paypal. All this ends today when I had decided to let paypal decide on the outcome which I shouldn't have. Anyway, I can see that i'm bound to lose the usd30 as this was clearly a scam by liveperson website. I had went to check out the reviews of the "expert" and realised i'm not the only one who was con by him. Thus, I hope someday someone or some authority will take action and investigate this matter as it is clearly not in my league to take them on. I'm just another consumer... I hope the people who had seen this will heed my advise, not to succumb to temptation and engage any "expert" help and get your money con. If you need help, a local forum would be a better choice than talking to sweet-talkers who are not what they claimed to be... Bsc, prof... My foot.


Robin Bluedragon harassed me on He sent me messages that were rude and mean spirited. I was so disturbed by it that I ended up cancelling my account there, and I don't even know him! He's a supposed "psychic" on that website but he goes out of his way to insult clients. He's a fraud and he should be barred from giving "psychic readings" to the public and stealing their money. Apparently I'm not the first to report his behavior, either. He needs to leave.

  • El
    Ela* Sep 29, 2009

    I have been to a few "psychic " readers on "Liveperson" which suprised me because they were quite accurate...One of which gave me the name of the person I inquired about...There absolutely no way this reader/person should have known this information...Another reader at Liveperson predicted the exact date and time of the birth of my grandson...What are the odds that both these just lucky guesses? I will admit there are many bad apple in the bunch, however we should not judge those who are "authentic"...

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  • Pr
    protectyoursel Nov 17, 2009

    Ela sorry to pop your bubble..but it is a known fact sooooo many experts in Liveperson share transcripts. So if you go around getting reading most ask you for your name and date of birth and the person in question. So that expert shares transcript to other experts and thats how they do their business. Its a known fact. I was hooked and I want people to know to BEWARE. They feed you fairytales and in the end you will be devastated when nothing comes true.

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  • Fl
    Flying High Mar 30, 2010

    I find it most intersting that LP is the main advertiser for this page, and that these are just lies from another jealous expert. If this were a real person, which I dont think it is, and I seemed rude to you its likely because I didnt tell you what you wanted to hear. I would have no way to contact you, or harrass you, by the way, unless you came to me, or checked the button for me to be allowed to contact you. And after looking for your name in all my work from 3 moths either way from your post here, I dont think you were ever even a client of mine. So this is just another BS attack on someone who doesnt deserve it.

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  • Me
    Mel676 May 08, 2011

    Busteedd! I find it funny when people automatically assume a psychic is not real because they dont tell you what you want to hear, iam sorry but whats the point of going to one, if your just expecting them to lie to and tell you what you want to hear? Not only that just because a prediction doesnt come to pass doesnt mean they are fake either, the future is not set in stone, you have your own free will to make decisions that can change the future, as so do the people you inquire about. I even knew that, and iam not a psychic. Also every psychic has there own abilities, asking for you dob or name doesnt mean anything about being fake. Seeing a psychic is an interaction period. Do you go to a doctor and when he asks whats wrong with you say, cant you tell me, your the doctor. No you wouldnt. Asking for little info like your first name or dob gives em a chance to connect with you. People need to look up what a psychic actually before going to one, instead of reporting someone as a fraud who has real talents.Give your head a shake.

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Fake, repetitive results

I used this service several times and all results were similar. They scam you by either typing really slow...

moonie kwe

As client, I tried to connect to Expert Moonie Kwe for her services as Moonie Kwe appeared as 'online' for business. Moonie Kwe did not answer the call on time and was logged out an hour by the Liveperson server. On 3 separate occasions, Moonie Kwe accused me for logging her out. She blamed me for not hanging up and calling her back, causing her to lose her working time. Completely unreasonable to appear as online, did not answer the call and then blamed the client for it. Liveperson established the log-out system for a reason. She has turned it around to abuse her clients.

terrible experience

I have had many readings over the last year on this site and alot of the experts are just not gifted at all and give generic advice. Master Z and David James give generic advice, and don't seem psychic to me. Spiritual Diagnosis was also very average, but at least charged less. Nothing ever came to pass. Fruno uses transcripts. The only psychics worth anything are Katharine and Readings With Lee, who have both been able to help me and seem to be genuine. Lee has helped me a lot over a long period of time, and has usually been very accurate.

I think this site is only good for online counseling and there seems to be no experience or qualifications required in any other areas. My advice, is be very careful or stay away.

  • Th
    TheTruth Feb 08, 2009

    Hey there. Master Z is the top psyhcic and the biggest phony of them all! The coot charges like 18 a minute?!!!Got a reading by him and he was full of s***. These people are probably milli0naires off of innocent and confused ppl, and should be incarcerated!

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  • In
    Informer for you Jul 21, 2009

    I went to liveperson and received readings. Let me tell you that one of the readers let the cat out the bag. She asked me why I received so many reading at the site in less than 90 days? If these people can see how many reading you have had I am sure they can read previous transcripts and see what was said to you, to use as a guideline. How did she know this? Can they see
    your information prior to taking the reading?
    Something to think about!!

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  • An
    A Name Goes Right Here Sep 19, 2010

    If you ever pay a "psychic" for their services, especially a random one online, then you completely and utterly DESERVE to lose your money for being so monumentally stupid. I hope every last one of you winds up being culled from the herd before you have a chance to reproduce.


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  • Ke
    kellykake Nov 11, 2010

    Master Z and readings by Lee are BOTH not real. I have used them both over the years. NEVER came true. Believe me I wanted them to come true. David James however did make predictions for me on a big scale. SO far his predictions have come true.

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  • Be
    Bertha Lynn May 31, 2013

    I tried David James twice on Lifereader. He is described as "blunt and direct." Rude and paranoid would probably be more accurate. Lifereader says all chat readings come with three free minutes, but he basically told me that I'm "not going to get free information" and made me wait until the timer started. This was the second reading I had done with him; the first time around, we had talked for much longer than three minutes, so he had no reason to think I was trying to cheat him. I don't know why I went on with the reading; I should have just ended the chat right then and there for his unprofessional attitude. As to psychic talent ... I don't know yet. He predicted I would meet a great guy before the end of spring. It hasn't happened yet, but I still have a month to go. If I remember to, I will post an update.

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  • Be
    Bertha Lynn Jun 29, 2013

    Back with my update ... David James' prediction for me did NOT come true. Not surprised since the description he gave me for the guy I was supposed to meet was a laundry list he seems to use again and again. "About my age, taller than me, dark hair, fair skin, stable job." When I looked over DJ's Liveperson reviews, I spotted this very same description in another customer's comment. Seriously. *eye roll* But what to expect from an internet "psychic?" Waste of money and time. If only he had at least made me feel good, but his "blunt and direct" [insert second eyeroll] attitude caused him to fail at that as well.

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