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Complaints & Reviews

Customer service and automatic renewal

I had been a customer since 2018 with all my customers using the service. I was automatically renewed in late February. I reached out to my rep to discuss and he never responded. I just concluded a three month communication with Yext's ticket system and they will not cancel my auto renewal as they claim I had inform them 30 days before renewal. Had a rep contacted me I would have. These are tough times. All my agency's clients are closed. I had cancelled each individual client account with Yext. I offered to pay one month as a compromise but they will not accept. I just told them to terminate my account completely and will never work with them again. I assume I will see them in court. What a poor way to treat a customer. There are plenty of other services out there.

Review on google

Yext posted a complaint from a so called customer against celina dairy queen on our google review page saying...

Website Lure to advertise

Yext constantly uses the free listings links to lure you in and charge you to advertise. This company is satan's right hand. Shame on them. Don't have any money or a job which is why I am trying to get a free listing. Hell awaits companies that thrive on the innocent hard working LOWER CLASS citizens.
YEXT is evil. I receive emails everyday to fix my listings. STOP and fix you salvation evil doers!!!

internet search listings

I do not want my phone number or/and address, business hours or service list posted on the internet. I'm a small home based business not taking in new clients. I have made several attempts to delete my business info from several search engines, maps etc. Listings that I was not ever asked to review or did I agree or sign up for. Yext is a scam company that makes it difficult to edit or delete business information on listings of anybody affiliated with them, like mapquest and others. In the last 6 months I have made several attempts to change and delete my information from companies affiliated with yext and I haven't been able to successfully do so.


Our company's Mapquest listing was erroneously suppressed by a Yext representative, when we only wanted the...

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Resolved support reps not making requested edits after several call requests

I am a customer of yext. I have been trying to get support department to update my company's address on...

Resolved updating listing is not possible without signing up!

I was trying to correct the telephone number and address for our business: Cool Concrete LLC The listing wa...

Kimberly Contractors

Resolved wrong information posted from your company

It is a shame it is not criminal for you to purposely post my information wrong on the internet. Yahoo i...

Just awful

They have inattentive blind employees.
I changed some information in my ads and notified their service. They promised to change it as well.
But nothing like this has happened. I have been trying to contact customer service for a week, but it's impossible to reach them.
What's going on? The line is always busy, even in the evening. I am glad that you have many customers, and if you're unable to pick up the phone, then maybe you will reply my emails? Numerous emails I have sent to get your attention. Please, I need your assistance and I would prefer to get my money back as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance,

  • Di
    Dianne Sarkisian Nov 07, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the same problem in updating our Mapquest listing. I don't know what else to do. It's been about a month to get this listing corrected, and all I get are excuses.

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updating business listing information only possible through a ransom

Over 6 months ago, we moved our business to a new location with new hours of operation. Since then, we have seen a dramatic drop in website traffic and a multitude of complaint phone calls and loss of business due to incorrect business listings. We never signed up or submitted our business to be subject to the negative consequences of the websites within the Yext network to provide our potential customers with incorrect information pertaining to our business. Upon trying to fix these issues by consulting marketing professionals which enlightened us on the cause of our issues, we are constantly be prompted to pay a sort of ransom to correct our business information. We have had to hire a professional to attempt to fix these issues with the Yext network and encountered even further attempts at selling "packages" that supposedly update our business information across dozens of websites that included our business and contain inaccurate information for over 6 months. The most aggregious offender in the Yext Network that we have come across thus far is the YellowMoxie.com website. There is no functional way to contact the site owner or operator, as there is not physical address, email or phone number listed anywhere on the website. The "Update Business Listing" link points directly to misleading the Yext.com "capture" page which prompts a "scan" of its own network and a demand for payment of hundreds of dollars in order to complete the operation. The YellowMoxie.com site does not provide the legal minimum expectation of contact information in its Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. The Contact Us web form is broken. The domain name was registered anonymously and only the "domainsbyproxy.com" contact information can be found in the ICANN information through a WHOIS query. This is highly unethical and illegal as the information presented on these websites in the network for our business is effectively slander. There are multiple issues with contacting each site directly, such as in the case with LocalPages.com. They replied to my email about this issue as follows:

Please go to http://www.yext.com/pl/localpages-listing/index.html?ref=532025 to update our business info.

Thank you


Localpages Team"

This link redirected me to the same "capture" page with the subsequent "scan" and a demand for payment as all the others. I am currently seeking others for a class action lawsuit against the Yext.com network for damaged. I invite others to come forward and post their stories at: https://www.facebook.com/Yext-SCAM-144714058913156/?ref=br_rs

Resolved changing my personal information on my webpage

Yext is a complete scam. Here is their latest pillaging... They are changing existing customers' busine...

Resolved renovations

My experience: Homeowner be ware of this awful contractor! I had recently hired this contractor for my mom...

Resolved advertising

I googled my industry (hypnotherapy) on yahoo search engine and my business came up with other...

Resolved powerlistings

I started my business last year. Shortly after launching my website I received a call from a Yext sales person. It sounded like a great idea. Get my name out on all these different sites. After all, starting out I needed to get some advertising going. Turns out the majority of the sites they put you on are junk. After a year I have received a whopping 0% return on investment! I canceled as soon as I received the automatic renew email...


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Yext's response · Aug 12, 2016

    We're sorry to hear about your negative experience and that you feel you didn't get what you were hoping for by utilizing our services at Yext. The goal of Yext is to ensure businesses have accurate and consistent location data online so that searching customers can find what they're looking for. Yext partners with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps, and directories, including Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo. Businesses who use our services can update their location information in real time across these sites and 100+ other publisher sites we partner with. If you'd like to chat further about your disappointment, we'd love to hear more feedback. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]


Must be familiar name YEXT! Let me tell you about my experience with YEXT. You know yext has partners like...

money grubbing lowlife turds

5 years ago I moved my business to a new location across the country. At that time I was able to contact...


I had a company called YEXT - a so called geo cloud online marketing company call me and I mean call me several times bugging me to get on board with their services. I just opened my business and they pretty much took control over all of my company information! Phished my email and apple account as well. They duplicated a facebook page of my business which I can not access or remove from facebook! When you search for my business on google it shows the fake facebook page instead of the page I administrate! This company needs to be looked into by the FBI or whoever! Since getting set up with them I have had nothing but problems with all of my online accounts! Do not do service with this company! BEWARE OF YEXT services! A TOTAL SCAM!!!

false charges and false sales

Was contacted by Yext Power listings a year ago, was told they optimize our web site on numerous search engines including Google -
They said they would clean up miss information - Our site was still showing us in a old location - They said they would fix that issue also.

So We Paid them $ 499.99
About a month or so Afterwards - I contacted them because the Search still shows our location at the old address, I was then told I had to do the corrections, they gave me the companies to contact but they did not do the work it was my responsibility. I requested a refund, they declined stating it was in a disclosure that we never received.

Then on October 15th 2013 they automatically billed me again. I called Yext and spoke to the customer service, The woman stated that this was an automatic Renewal and they would pro rate the credit. I told her we told them last year when we requested a refund and stated to cancel the service back them, they declined the refund, but stated it was not going to be renewed.

They woman stated there was no record of this and that it could only be prorated.

this is a bad company, and very unethical

This company, yext inc., forces a business to pay for a year of service to remove incorrect information from all their partnered sites. - that's extortion, pure and simple, because the links to fix it go to them, instead of the actual site the incorrect info shows on. - and yext doesn't give you control to change the info unless you pay them - they have three links on their partnered sites, for creating, changing, and claiming a website listing. - if you don't pay for a years worth of their "service" you are not allowed to change or remove any of the incorrect info. - I never put anything on any of the sites they partner with, but my incorrect business phone number showed, and I can't remove it, and yext says they can't either, unless I buy an account, instead of just asking their "partner site" to remove it free - their partner, yellowmoxie.com doesn't want to remove it either, when I asked them. I have an abuse complaint pending, with their isp providers.... I'll next go to the fcc,... The bbb.org site rates yext "c minus"... Not surprising.!... :-)... This is a bad company, and very unethical... So, it seems, yellowmoxie.com is too... Stay away...!... Maybe all the yext partnered sites are as bad too, if they let this happen.

  • Pl
    Ploote Mar 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate that their partner sites force you to pay them to fix incorrectly displayed data. I can't believe that is legal.

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  • A2
    A2Photo Mar 03, 2013

    It make sense... this is extorsion

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  • Ji
    jim232 Aug 18, 2013

    CAUTION!!! I used Yext.com by providing my business number and ran a scan. Fine, I saw that my address was incorrect in some places and correct in others. Then I went about my business... About 15 minutes later, I get a call from 212-994-5063. I answer. It's a hyperactive New Yorker on the other end who says to me: "Hey! I see that you just used our site to run a scan. Is there anything I can do for you today?" I said, "No, I didn't think you would be calling." He said "Why, did I catch you at a bad time?" (It was a Saturday night around 10:15 PM, by the way.) I said yes. He said he would call back on Monday. I said "No, please don't call." He said "Well, why were you using our web site?" I told him I won't use it again and he said "Sir, anyone is free to use our site, I am just trying to see if you would like to purchase one of our address services." I said "No thanks" and hung up. You've got to be polite to these cretins because they have your business number and address... I was very turned off by this tactic, the business model (asking for businesses to conduct a "search" using their phone number then calling them to upsell!!!), and the annoying person who called me.

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  • Ed
    EduardoG Jan 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed that Yext had my business listed (without my consent) with the wrong phone number. When I filled out the form to correct it, it came up with a required charge of nearly $500 to do so. I did not continue with the process, and yet, the next day one of their representatives called me to try and get money from me to correct the number. Isn't that extortion?

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taken money under false pretenses

When yext powerlisting, e-mailed me. they implied that for $225.00 they would put me ahead in powerlisting on...