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Yes! Communities / with held title to home so that I couldn't sell/impounded home with eviction

1 Fayetteville, AR, United States

I purchased cash price for a mobile home 01/2017 from Kenwood Landing Mobile Home Park.. I paid lot rent.. I was suppose to receive title to home 2 weeks later..After several months passed still no title.. I was told to check with tags and title of Fayette Co., upon doing so the home was still under their company's name..After speaking with the landlord about this they kept saying it was on the way then their attitudes changed.. I had multiple buyers for the home but instead, they evicted me and my family and impounded our home which cost me 36, 000 dollars cash..We have been homeless ever since..No one cared and declined to speak to me... I need your help because this was a wrongful eviction.
Thank you
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  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Jan 18, 2018


    We understand you purchased your home at Kenwood Landing in January 2017 and because you bought your home during a promotion you had a couple months of free lot rent. After that promotional free lot rent expired you became delinquent on your lot rent. Your community manager found an agency that was able to cover your past due lot rent for a couple of months, but then you became delinquent on your lot rent again for July and August of 2017. Your community offered to buy your home back from you, but you rejected the offer because you thought you could get more money from another buyer. Because you didn't pay your lot rent, your home was impounded by Mobile Home Impound and you were evicted from the community for nonpayment of lot rent. We understand that Mobile Home Impound ended up purchasing your home from you because you didn't want or have the ability to pay the fees to reset the home in another place. We apologize that things worked out this way, but the community did everything in their power to help you for several months after you purchased your home. You also had the option to pay the impound fees and take your home whenever you wanted, but you did not do so and decide to sell your home to Mobile Home Impound. We wish you the best on your future endeavors.

  • Updated by Chaunkaila, Jan 18, 2018

    These are all lies from the landlords... They lied about my title and I see you didn't mention that part.. I seeked my own assistance... The lot rent was only late for class August 2017... Community Action sent Kenwood Landing my half of the rent, they kept the check and wouldn't allow me to pay the difference... They never once ever offered to by my home back... I'm the victim here and you act like this is funny... They also put an immediate hold on my title so that I was force to sell for 2, 000... What a loss.. Something needs to be handled or maybe I'm talking to the wrong people. I need answers and resolutions.. Have you seen the views? This can't be the corporate office, can you send me that information please...

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Jan 17, 2018

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