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Yes! Communities / staff and repairs

1 United States

I had lived in our home for 12 years started out 650 a month we now pay over $1, 100 a month and have the worst service ever they will not fix our steps they're busted their correct you get slivers I have a knee that is bone on bone from falling down these steps they don't care my carpet is pathetic it was burned with cigarettes before I moved in I looked it up there to be replaced every 7 years they came back and said hud doesn't have to follow those guidelines. But we are not part of Hud they don't accept Section 8 also I've been without a dryer for 3 weeks they just lie to me constantly and said they haven't got to work order they did get a work order they gave the work order out or the guy has the flu I'm not paying to go get my clothes dried it's dryers here they need to fix it they say if it can't be fixed that I have to buy a new one or rent one from them that wasn't part of my contract when I moved in.. they bring furnace filters in to change the filters they say they're fine they leave with the filters my husband takes the filter out and looked at it the next day and it's black we take a picture of it they don't care we have mice so bad and where your cleaning people it's just there's so many holes in the home that they get in everywhere because we didn't grow up in a trailer home we don't know where they are we had Pest Control come out they told us where they need to be filled one they said like a size of a license plate to cover the hole you can see outside through our front door because the door is that crooked. they have not fix that. I would love to take their necks and Ring them .we have sinkholes so bad you can't drive on one side of the road, people can't park in their driveways.
The staff is outside smoking more than they are inside the office we got to print out for the whole year about rent being paid and they have is down as paying on the 6th of every month sure is funny that we don't pay on the 6th but that's what it says never gotten a late charge on those they lie they lie so bad they need customer so bad that if you try to move out they give you a bad representation because they can't afford to lose any more people they lie so bad when you look at the web page and Sioux City Iowa that's not what it is at all I tell people Drive-Thru and take a look talk to people I live up on the hill the new area oh that then we were then told by the gentleman who own this farm land this was never zone for mobile homes up here on top of the hill that's why we're all sinking in the sinkholes are so bad why we don't get together and sue their [censor]. Windows they don't shut tight No where close to tight. She's funny them staff members don't live out here and like I said I'd move but they give you a bad representation so people say no we don't want you moving and our place because they lie so bad they fixed nothing out here do you hear that corporate you've seen all the pictures I've sent to you and you do nothing my carpet my floors my walls everything burn these things down this place gives me so much anger workers normal people they're going to say that dryer can't be fixed because they don't want to fix it and they want me to rent one from them they're going to pay me for going without for the last 3 weeks

Jan 22, 2018

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