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I advertised with the Yellow Pages about four years ago. I have tried to cancel this ad many times to no
avail. I contacted a supervisor who was unable to find any calls of my cancellations. I keep getting a bill every year and was just told recently that I have to send a registered letter to them to cancel next years. This is very deceptive and they think they have you locked in. Do to the bad economy my company has gone out of business and I haven't even had that phone number in over a year. Why would I want to renew when I never even got any calls in the first place? I am about ready to file a class action suit against them. Maybe if enough of us got on board, they would put an end to their trickery.
Any comments?

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  • 2n
      Jul 15, 2009

    what method of payment did you use and how did you cancel? (e-mail, letter, phone)

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  • Re
      Jan 28, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with yellow pages. I was looking online and found a website that your business can have a FREE ebillboard. Just go to I was talking to my friend Mike and he has a ebillboard and he is happy with his ebillboard.

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