Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.yamaha fzs service and customer service complaint

S Oct 12, 2017

would like to put some issues in your knowledge. I bought fzs from Maharajganj showroom dated 25/5/017. Within 2 months of purchase I started facing problem with motobike such as chain sprocket, tire, headlight, front tire ball baring, drum brake. Almost every where I noticed problem after tire chain at your one of your service centre located in Jamal I got bend on my rim too, I have talked to bibek Koju and Mr Yadav regarding all this issues. He helped me out to fix certain things but it was not done professional way after spending whole day at your work shop and had to argue with your staff to let my problem hear. honestly telling very poor customer service experience, not only me many more customers where also very upset with service and P.R. I would like to inform you another things also that my rim was ok before my tire was replaced im 100 % sure. Bcz my tire cracked issue was informed to teku head office they even checked my bike in teku At that point there was no bend on my rim, at Jamal yamaha work shop they replaced my tire. If there was a bend they should have informed me before and after receiving my bike they never did that, next day I did my 4 service at Maharajganj yamaha service centre they also didn't inform me abt bend I came to notice that issue when I revived my bike from service centre, I was surprised when I saw wobling back tire. Due to bend on the rim. And now no body wants to take the responsibility which I don't want to accept at any point. Your service centre are not following the guidelines they charge as per there convinence. Every work shop of yamaha should be inspected to maintain the standard. Voucher base service is very poor. For tire liquid they try to charge me 550. And to replace tire they asked me to pay another 300. At Jamal work shop the product which cost less than 250 at market your service centre charges 550 to 600 for liquid and they even don't provide any warranty for the product . We are forced to buy in double amount this is sign if negligence from your team. Authenticity and genuine parts and other product used in yamaha should be approved by your head office which I found is not happening on ground lmost Every service center. They just don't care to do there own job as per the flow chart provided by your comapny. I would like to put all this issues at your notice because end of the day customer service is very important . Yesterday I have discussed this all issue at teku head office with Mr Ishwar Yadav and Mr Bibek.

I hope you will look into this matter as soon as possible.

For any further inquiry or question please feel free to contact me at [protected]

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