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I bought an R15 from Samukh motors, Chennai. This bike has certain problems, which the yamaha service people cannot identify from the beginning of my purchase.[especially the bumpy ride, and the bike which moves towards the right while on drive and also the front break which is ridiculous].Inspite of my frequent visit to the service centre, I am not able to get the service upto my satisfaction. The problems remain with the bike as earlier. I am in a vain...since the problems could not be solved by the authorized service engineers.Rather than solving the problem, they try to convince me that the vehicle is in good condition.They got nearly 6 mechanics.
They are highly trying to hide the problem.They are not ready to open my bike. Ever worst purchase and service experience. I would never suggest anyone to buy YAMAHA product from such dealer, who would never even bother about you or your bike once after getting money from you.

The bike is just 6 month old, of which it was in their showroom for nearly 1 month reg these issues. whenever i say, they ll take for service station, tighten the fork and give back. finally they said that, only an yamaha engineer who would visit their showroom once in a while can see this..later one day, i went to the showroom.on that time, there were all these mechanics, and also the yamaha service engineer whom they mentioned was available there.but they refused to have a look on my bike since, i went without prior appointment. Is this the way an service center would respond? On that day i found that, they knew the problems and are trying to slime away.

Hence raised complaints in yamaha website.but they just enquired in that Service station and said that, "as per service station, no complaints was found during their analysis". Without analysing my bike[because, after raising this complaint, i havent been to service station], they just tried to cheat YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA too as they did to me. Now this bike is standing in my home uselessly. NO WARRANTY, NO GUARANTY ONCE AFTER PURCHASING YAMAHA.this is what happened to me.

Month of Purchase : august 2015
Total km driven till now : 2500
Services done : 2
apart from this, gave bike for one more day for this issue in between 1st and 2nd service.

Feb 16, 2016
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  • Zb
      Jun 03, 2016
    Yamaha India - complaint regarding FZ
    Yamaha India

    i purchased my FZ in April End this year from Emm Pee motors.

    Since Day one of purchasing the bike, there was intermittent problems of Mis firing in the engine.
    I bought this to the notice of the dealer who adjusted the carburettor settings and told me that the problem was resolved.

    However this problem continued. i got the bike serviced from Shaili Yamaha in Panchkula next time and explained the problem to them who did basically the same thing what Emm Pee did.

    This time i started facing other issues like starting of engine and abrupt shutting off of Engine at times when the bike is standing.

    I spoke to Yamaha helpline and they advised me to get the bike shown to The Dealer in mohali as they had the best mechanic to fix the problem.
    But still it wasnt resolved.

    Then On your advise, i bought the bike back to Shaili yamaha with an assurance from the dealeryourself that it will be taken care of this time.

    I had clearly mentioned the problem of Stalling of Engine at times and starting issues to them, they did some tuning of the Carburettor and adjusted the idle speed etc again and returned the bike to me saying that it was fixed. i did take a trial of the bike and it seemed resolved to me as well.

    next morning- i tried to start the engine and it refused to start despite repeated attempts. Finally after using the choke etc, i managed to start the engine again.

    I have now lost faith in All dealers as no one seems to be able to fix the problem. I have now stopped using the bike since i think that it might develop problems at any time.

    Please escalate this issue to Yamaha and Fix my problem asap . It has been now more than 05 months since the bike has been purchased and i am a bit frustrated after having spent so much money .



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