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YAK TELECOMUNICATIONS / Horrid Service Don't ever sign up!

1 Beach Rd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: I Still dont have one

Put an order in with Yak to transfer my services from Bell Canada to them because they offered better rates and lower costs. This was done in the last week of August.

I was told don't worry let us handle everything. Ironically my phone didn't get transfered and they issued a Work Order with Bell Canada to have my services cut so they could switch me over but never did.

I am still without a phone ever since and Have spent over 100 bucks on air time trying to get a straight answer out of these guys.

The average on hold time for this company is 30-40 mins before you get a live agent but all they want to do is get you off the phone asap and just assured me they would send a tech out to connect me. This happened 3 times.

My last call resulted in being told that they couldn't hook me up because my phone had been disconnected and explained of course it was hey put in a work order to do that. They then told me to go back to bell to have my services reconnected and what would you know I have to pay to do that to have them do it all over again.

I don't think so Cogeco digital phone here I come!

Don't be fooled. These guys are a joke. YAK Phone company is a scam and a fraud. There service agents are clueless and weren't helpful at all. And to top it all off they don't even have an escalations department or perhaps that too was yet another lie...

Seriously its not worth trying to save an extra 10-15 bucks a month on phone services to switch to these guys. You will be frustrated and sorely disappointed just like I am.

Still phoneless in Hamilton

B. French

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  • Gt
      23rd of Jan, 2009

    Dear B. French,

    I totally agree with the wait time, I had to call them due to a billing problem & waited about 54 min before connected to a live agent. She could not answer my questions & had to put me on hold several times so she can go and ask someone. (At least I know there is more than one person working, I had began to wonder if she is the only agent working after the 54 min wait). At the end of my call, I could only hope she didn't screw up my account more. In any case, I will find it out on my next billing.

    My problem was that: I got collection calls from Yak, because I some how short paying ~$10 on my last bill. While trying to find out the cause, she tried to get me sign up for e-billing, but Yak will not send any email reminder when the bill is ready in your Yak account. I can not see why they would not send out email, unless they like people to forget paying so they can charge the late fee.

    Not very happy in Toronto :(

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  • Ja
      7th of Apr, 2009

    Signing up with YAK, perhaps the most lamentable decision we've ever made! The list of disappointments and frustrations that have accumulated over nearly eight months of dealing with this second-rate, substandard company is almost laughable; that is that we've continued to have this inane hope the company will address the issues we've brought forth. Firstly, taking nearly a month to simply connect the service, three weeks, that is, after Bell installed the phone jack. Being billed for a full month of only a week and half of usage was, naturally, upsetting. The next three months of being charged some inexplicable 30 dollar extra charge for internet, despite the cost clearly being included in the line preceding it on the bill. Calling the company for any sort of intelligible answer was futile, as being told to ignore the extra charges on THREE occasions resulted in a collections agency letter requesting the amount we were told to ignore! Then after paying it, and attempting to contact them for reimbursement, come to discover our account cannot be opened as it was still deemed a "deliquent collections acount", despite us having payed collections several days before. The most frustrating part comes now, after being told to call back when the account was unfroze, the phone had apparantly been disconnected. Calling from another line, we were told on two different occasions the line should be "up and running now", to no avail. Suddenly one morning, a man calls in a hurried voice and says" Hi this is **** from Yak the switch for your phone has been flipped..." and before my girlfriend was able to mutter a response the man hung up. Now the phone was working, however after being without phone for nearly a month, we were charged full cost for the service, while they had the audacity to charge an additional 25 dollars for a "reconnection fee". Ofcourse calling about this proved fruitless, as being assured it was not intentional and that a reimbursement cheque is on the way, our hopes have waned since a month of being told this, with no cheque in hand. The icing on the cake is that it came to our attention recently that our name comes up on others caller ID entirely mispelled, which I attribute to the curt and, obviously inept, technician who established our account. Surely this was something they could quickly fix, however we were told following our concern it would cost us 15 dollars to change the name!!! Cost US for THEIR screw up!
    If you've taken the time to read this, please heed the warning of the delightful, prompt and accurately billed service you would be getting with Yak. (We are switching to a new service provider needless to say)

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