Yak DSLbilling

Reasons why you should never go with YAK ever!!

There are several reasons why you should never receive any service from a company as incompetent as YAK:

1. Useless order-takers:
They will surely take your order wrong and then create a problem for you so that a simple 10 day process will turn out to be a 20 day waiting period.

2. No interdepartmental communication:
Instead of communicationg with other departments within YAK, any person you talk to will give you the information related to your situation and let you explain everything. This not only puts you into a messenger-boy status wasting your time but also results in huge costs in phone bills, especially if you are using prepaid cards.

3. No interdepartmental communication (again):
In the case that you want to cancel your subscription BEFORE (or presumably after) you receive the service, rest assured that accounting and DSL will certainly not notify each other and you will keep receiving bills for a service which you have never used.

4. Clueless Customer Service:
Words such as "you don't have anything to be worried about anymore" or "it is fixed, we apologize for the inconvenience" coming from customer service representatives will hold no meaning as you will continously receive the past months bills from the company.

5. Adding insult to the injury:
Not only your previous 2 attempts of clarifying the siuation will be rendered useless but also they will include a $1.95 of paper invoice fee with your 4th bill.

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