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I transferred the money on 4th of april

to India. Usually I had not seen problem

but this time, my money has not reached




1) I discover that, if eveything goes

smooth, you will like but

now that my money has not transferred yet, they did not even respond back that

they were not able to deposit into my


2) Their customer support, especially

during the US time are terrible to say

the least, they have the least amount

of courtesy, ill informed and try to

talk to cover their problem.

3) It has taken them 12 days to determine the cause of the issue and on

my demand, takes them 15 more days to

deposit my money back to my original bank.

4)Through this entire torture, I came to

know that they have some cheap, local

partnership in other countries who cannot deposit to NRE(NRI account) and

the money will be rejected.

5) The customer service representive in

the US are so bad, I never ever want to

speak to them.

6) Lastly, if you ever decide to go with

these people, beware, if you get into

this type of problem, they will never

cover your cost, whatever you may incur

due to delay in deposit of funds.

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  • Mi
      5th of May, 2010

    Just want to warn potential clients to avoid XOOM Money transfer service. They choked off my financial lifeline at the worst possible time. They actually cancelled a transaction after sending me an email saying, available for pickup, without even the courtesy of any notification. I really believe the company must be run by ###s. I was a very good customer of theirs and they were making money big-time off of my transfers. Their low transfer fee is deceiving - unreliable is all I can say. The saying, you get what you pay for, applies here. Western Union is expensive, but at least they care about their customers. Stay clear of XOOM if you value your time and actually getting your money.

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  • Xo
      13th of Feb, 2012

    Same experience here. Still fighting to get money back. Why don't they have any alert while initiating transfer. Hope othere stay away.

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  • In
      16th of Jun, 2013

    NEVER EVER USE XOOM.COM. WEBSITE IS A SCAM. YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITH ALTERNATIVES...PLEASE READ THEIR SHADY USER AGREEMENT AND PRIVACY POLICY AND REVIEWS BEFORE DOING ANY TRANSACTION WITH THEM. THEY CAPTURE ALL YOUR HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INFORMATION INCLUDING WHAT SITES YOUR HAVE VISITED PRIOR TO XOOM.COM, CAPTURE YOUR IP ADDRESS. THERE IS NO WAY FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY NEED AND WHY THEY NEED IT. I recently opened an account with them looking at an Indian Super Star as brand ambassador. I did my first transaction and it went on hold asking for an Govt. ID and Bank Statement. I provided and I called to follow up. Verification Rep. said that its not enough and he needs a copy of my passport . I asked why but he said he cannot reveal that information. I gave a copy of my passport. I got an email saying that i'm missing some doc and they need copy of my US Visa, Voided Bank Check, Screen Shot of my Bank Account with no reason provided as to why the document provided before were not enough. What is that they really are looking for. Customer Servie, Verification, and their compliance team is very rude. I don't understand why Amitabh Bachchan will accept being their brand ambassador. Also, they dont cancel your account. You dont see a cancellation email but if requested a cancellation and try to login, it says your account is locked. Why it is locked and not deleted? NOT SURE WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS THEY ARE RUNNING. Also, they are very interested in knowing whats your relationship to the person you sending money. To me, it looked like they were trying to colon me:-) STAY AWAY:-)

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  • He
      18th of Jun, 2013

    I agree with all this guys and I'm going through same pain and I don't when I get my money back.

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