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Xm Satelite Radio Customer Service / lack of concern for customer care

1 Escondido, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 6192448703

On or around 12/18/2008 I called xm radio to renew my subscription (I purchased in 2006). I wanted to upgrade my subscription to the plus package in order to get Howard Sterns. I was informed there was a lifetime membership for $499. I purchased that package. I was then informed about a special. A free xm radio with the purchase of 3 months prepaid service and to continue for 1 year. I agreed and signed up. Everything seemed to be great.
I kept looking for the HS show and the NBA channel and could not find them. I called customer service. They said that they needed to reboot my radio (why wasn't this done at the time I purchased the lifetime membership.) I then updated my e-mail address with your company and had my online password reset. I received and e-mail confirming that the radio had been shipped on 12/19/2008. I was excited, it was to be for my wife car.
I was waiting for the radio and figured due to high mail traffic during the holidays that it was taking longer than normal(Whatever normal is). On or around 1/11/2009 I called xm and informed you that I didn't receive my radio(this was after 10 minutes of waiting on the phone to speak to a person and another 10 or 15 minutes talking to someone in order to be transferred). I was then transferred to another department where I waited 25 minutes to speak to someone and another 10 or 15 minutes with that person. I was told that I (I emphasize I) needed to call UPS and find out the tracking status.
I call UPS who I speak to immediately and they inform me the package has been shipped and received. I have not received the package. UPS said they delivered it to 230 east 7th avenue. I live at 203 east 7th avenue(I received my original invoice at 203 east 7th avenue for my main service in November-It is funny that when people want to be paid they know where to send the bill). They told me I needed to contact the sender and they needed to file a claim.
I'm on my 4th phone call to xm (another 5 or 10 minutes waiting to speak to someone only for them to transfer me to another department again). This time I only waited 40 minutes to speak to a live person. This person told me they send out another radio. They corrected my address and e-mail in there system, they said. I was very patient having spent 2 hours on the phone. I was confident it would be taken care of promptly.
On or around the end of January, beginning of February I placed another call to xm satelite radio listener care(what a crock) to let them know that I hadn't got my radio yet. Listener care told me that they were going to transfer me to a different dept(here we go again). They asked if my address was 230 east 7th avenue(wrong address again), It is 203 east 7th avenue. They also ask me if my e-mail is had been updated 2 calls ago) it is I then inform them that I will not sit on the phone and wait any longer and to have someone call me as soon as it is taken care of. I was told that within 72 hours I will receive a call updating me on the situation. I did receive a call and was given the shipping dept. # and told to call in order to check on my order(customer service at its best). I inform this person I'm not going to spend another minute on the phone(free radio means free radio, My time is precious and I don't have time to sit on the phone for another 2 hours) that was the end of that conversation. On 2/24/2009 I call xm again!!! )= to be given the same run around that I had received twice before with no results what so ever. I was told again that I had to speak to a different dept. I once again told this person that was not going to happen and that I wanted a manager, supervisor (anyone that could get something done). I was told I would receive a call from someone in 24 hours. Today is 3/3/2009 and I haven't spoke to anybody until I called them today. By this time I just want to cancel the radio and get a full refund. I'm told that I have to be transferred to shipping at which point I tell that person all that has happened since December 2008 at which point I'm told that I will receive a refund of service and shipping for that radio. I'm told that I will receive confirmation by way of e-mail(you still had the wrong e-mail) I won't hold my breath for that one.
We really would've liked to received that radio, but after the customer service that we received I wanted to be done with it. Being that you have a monopoly on the market I guess you figure customer service isn't that important. You can bet if and when there is another satellite radio company I will be pulling my business from xm radio and I will let anyone that will listen know of the service I've received.


Mark Bergvall
ACCT. # 1-[protected]
Address: 203 east 7th avenue (not 230)
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone #: 619.244.8703

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