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Xerox / missleading

1 25 Elizabeth courtSaint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 506-635-1869

Well I was hired on back in 2009, and I went in with the understanding during my interview with Xerox, not the staffing agency which I had to go through so I can work at the call centre, so back what I was saying, during the interview, I was told that I would be hired on a Xerox employee after one year, providing I have good stats, as well not missing too many days.

our goal is according to the interviewer to me was, it is Xerox goal to convert new contractors after the first year, I worked there for 5 and half years, never missed a day, did not take a vacation day, and had very high stats.

The only problem was I did not get hired within my department, GDO. and when I tried to questions them about it, I get a call without notice my agency telling me not to go to work as I was FIRED.

Over 100 plus other people are still there some as long as 6 years waiting for the day they get converted, and they too were told the same lie that was said to me, and make it better, the new hires as of June 19 2015, were also told the same line.

This call centre here in Saint John NB, miss-represents itself to the many job seekers, and when you get hired, you get to sign the very famous STANDARD FORM CONTRACT, which would give Xerox the rights to fire you anytime any reason or better yet no reason, you could be there 1 month to 15 years and they still can just make a simple phone call to the agency and they will call you and fire you, and they will say that the decision was based on the agency, but in fact it was Xerox, and when they fire you, you will soon learn more about that famous contract and its many clauses, and Xerox would put in another order for new contractors meaning job seekers who have no idea what there about to get into, right now this day being Aug 8 2015, I have seen 11 different ads from three different agencies looking to hire people for Xerox GDO.

So why would Xerox convert me, its easier for them to fire me, and they did that on June 19th, they fired me for no reason all because I ask for a meeting with the head of GDO, which makes me so sick, knowing that these people meaning two people within the management department of GDO, could call my agency and say FIRE HIM, and my future with this job was taken away from me because these two people abuse their power and care less what they have done.

I loved my job with this call centre and today I will continue my fight so that no one else can be fired just like that, too much power and with that much power in the hands of these people who think they are smart, which they are not, needs to change an also the Standard form contract.

Thank you

Aug 8, 2015

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