Xcel Energy / a billing nightmare at its finest

United States

Here's a story that I think you'll find worth reading. It's a bit long, but I will try to condense it down as best I can. Here it is... The house I live in has two meters, but is not a duplex. It may have been at one point in time, but the house has always been rented as one unit since 2006. The people I live with currently signed a two year lease and moved in back in August of 2009. I subleased and moved in last August (2010). When the original tenants moved in they set up the utilities and we have been paying our Xcel bills every month on time with no problems... Until a week ago. We received a letter in the mail from Xcel energy saying that at a certain address that doesn't exist (our address if it were a duplex), they couldn't mail a bill. On Wednesday half of the electricity in the house went out. It turns out that our 2nd meter was being billed seperately to an address that does not exist and initially they were expecting us to pay for two years worth of service that we never had any knowledge of. Here's the kicker though. The last time any payment was made for that meter was July 29, 2008! It went three years with no disconnection, no phone call, no form of contact except a letter a week ago. Here we are a week before we move out of this house, and this happens. I spoke with the property manager of the company that owns the house and she was able to get it knocked down to only a years worth, but still, it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Considering the last payment was made in 2008, the tenants that lived in this house between August 2008 and July 2009 did not have to pay for that meter, and now this has all been passed onto us. What do you think? Do I have something here?


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