Xboxxbox 360 controller

I purchased a XBox 360 system, a wireless controller and some games on christmas Eve from Maestro at the Blockbuster in Edgewood, Maryalnd. The disappointment was the extra controller did not work. I called on Christmas and told to call come in on the 26th and see the Manger Paul Perry. The person I spoke with said that I could bring the controller and my receipt and they should exchange if one is available or order from a neighboring store. when I took the item back I was told by Maestro they could not help me. I would have to go directly to the manufacturer. This was unacceptable and the policy of not doing an exchange was unacceptable. Paul was there and said they did not have a controller on hand. I informed them both that I was told they could oreder from another store. Maestro insisted that they would not and could do this. Paul then said to call another store. He said this three times before Maestro responded. She called the store in Belair and they agreed to exchange the product with no trouble.
Why could the store in Edgewood be as compliant?

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