Wyndham Vacation Resorts / false advertising/scam

Alexandria, United States

I received a call from Wyndham Vacation Resorts stating that I had won free airline tickets and to pick up these tickets I would have to attend one of their presentations that would take about 2 hours. I did not do my research before I went (which I truly regret now) and got caught up in their presentation. These people are extremely good sales people & they act like they are doing something really good "just for you".

The sales pitch started with the sales person asking about my travel preferences, then she started her sales pitch about how great it is to buy a timeshare with Wyndham Vacation Resorts (WVR). Another lady who was supposed to help with financing seemed initially to be very nice & seemed to want to do whatever needed to get me to buy by continually adding something to "sweeten" the deal (again, great sales techniques). I was talked into buying one of the cheaper packages & completed the paperwork for them to start the credit process with no down payment required; however, to not have a down payment meant I had to complete an application for a PayPal credit account. Fortunately (for me), I already had a PayPal account & couldn't open another one thru WVR, so they brought back another application for me to complete which would have been for a Wyndham credit card at almost 20% interest. This made me stop & think (& actually, it was taking so long for the credit process to occur that I decided to start checking the reviews for WVR on my phone & came across this website). I'm really glad I did find this website as it made me think twice about what WVR was trying to get me to purchase.

I had been asking questions throughout but not getting appropriate responses - they would give a response but not necessarily answer the question I asked. One of my questions/concerns was about how much my monthly payment would be & I was initially told that it would be appx. $125/month ... but then I realized that this was payment would only be for the WVR mortgage & did NOT include the additional payments I would have to make for the down payment financing & the monthly maintenance costs/fees. When I tried to get clarification on this, I was not given a straight answer. Also, the points required to be used for using one of the WVR seemed to be complicated & it appeared that I could be charged additional fees, i.e., "resort" fees.

After rethinking this, I told the sales & finance ladies that I had changed my mind & did not want to go through with this purchase. They tried to see if they could change my mind but after I said no a couple times, they seemed ok with letting me leave ... BUT, I was given a form to sign which indicated that this was a one time deal & I would never be offered this opportunity again. THEN (when I finally thought I was going to get the airline tickets & go home) I was taken to another sales manager who tried to sell me a points-only package (200, 000 points for almost $1900 plus interest - the points would only be good for 12 months but the financing would be for 18 months!). I usually buy my own hotel & airline tickets online & I have been able to get decent hotel deals for well under $100/night, so this did not seem like a good deal to me). I said no again & was finally taken to the checkout window which was very quick considering I had already been at WVR for over 3 hours (well beyond the 2 hour timeframe I was told)!

I would highly recommend to anyone considering buying into WVR to carefully read the reviews/complaints about this company. Also, keep in mind that the WVR staff are very well trained as I don't generally succumb to pressure sales tactics. These 2 ladies, especially the finance lady, got under my skin by sharing similar experiences (aka acting like their more my friend than a high-pressure sales person) ... but my "BS" radar did start going off when there was just too many 'similar' experiences shared.

Just another note ... I supposedly won 4 "free" airline tickets, but after I read through the packet, I realized that I will never use these tickets. You have to book through an 800 #, you HAVE to stay in the hotels listed in the brochure, AND you HAVE to stay for a minimum number of nights in the hotel selected. The hotel pricing is outrageous (some upwards of $300-500/night) and the majority of hotels I looked at in the brochure charge an additional "resort" fee for each night's stay as well as other fees. I would never pay these types of fees (or these room rates) when planning my vacations & I don't plan to start now. I was also given a $100 "dining" card ... but this too is a gimmick as it's not like a gift card. Instead, you have to go to a website, select a restaurant & the amount you wish to purchase in order to get half off the order, i.e., use $15 of the dining card balance to get $15 off of a minimum $30 purchase at the selected restaurant. This might have been an okay deal, but when I looked at the list of participating restaurants, there was not one listed that I had been to before.

My best advice ... stay far, FAR AWAY from Wyndham Vacation Resorts. You'll sleep much better if you do.

May 24, 2015

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