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Wyndham Vacation Ownership / Terrible service!

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OK be careful when making your reservations... This trip has GOT to be the WORST vacation ever with even WORSE customer service. The reservations group made a mistake and since we arrived after a 14 hour drive on the weekend, they cant accommodate our handicapped guest and handicapped child. Isn't that nice??? What a bunch of a***oles. I was told I had to go to member services for their stupid presentation and was told it would be 45 minutes. At 40 minutes the sales person hadn't even gone into his presentation because of our screwed up account and screwed up reservation. When i announced at 40 minutes I was done, the sales person turned into a real ### and so did his manager. They were angry because they didn't get to present their sales pitch.

Okay after spending my entire day yesterday dealing with horrible customer service who couldn't accommodate the handicapped guests at their establishment these ###s actually expected us to sit and listen to a presentation about how GREAT they are? We are supposed to be VIP Gold members and due to the fact we own five units but two fixed weeks we no longer qualify??? WTF???? You take thousands of my dollars in maintenance fees which you ###s are still deducting from my acct, you promise me over a year and half ago it would be fixed and here we are with a screwed up reservation and still no resolution.

We have spent the weekend carrying a handicapped child across a ridiculously busy road that we shouldn't be doing and than since our unit is about a football fields walk from the garage we have had to help a 50+ year old man make it to and from the car, unit, etc... This is UNACCEPTABLE... So to all, MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS AND PRAY... because after 20+ years of ownership this is the worst experience ever and they say tough luck losers you are on your own figuring this out for the weekend because the resort and reservations don't share a mutual system where they can see if there just might be some way to fix it??? The property manager was contacted and she didn't bother to call. We got stuck with some asst who didn't know squat either.

Okay the mystery here... Don't many people in HOSPITALITY work weekends??? Don't lots of travelers travel on the weekend? Well if you have a mistake with them and its on the weekend just kiss your weekend goodbye dealing with people who say the want to help but cant/don't/wont, etc. and than you are stuck waiting till 2 days later to fix the problem.

After a 14 hour drive I didn't want to be put on hold for two hours at the reservations desk talking to owner services. I'm a damn VIP Gold member and this didn't get us squat...


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  • Ed
      19th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We went to Branson and was lied to to get us to purchase more points to become VIP . Got home and found out we werent VIP and they didnt do what they told us they were doing. Now we might lose 154000points we had paid off in Pagosa Springs cause the idiots keep changing their system and putting us off on getting this solved. Dont listen to anything they say!!!We never had this problem with Fairfield!! Wyndham has taught their salesman very well on how to make a sale and being honest isnt oe of their priorities. Get everything in writing and like these people just hope you get what you paid for and was told you would get. Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Missouri Attourney General and get some action started against them

  • Re
      30th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was also been deceived by these people at Wyndham and nobody cared not even from the Owner relations department. It's a long story but because of the deceitful and fraudulent transaction with them I was left with negative balance in my account, 15 or more returned item fees and and insufficient funds fees and worst of all I was so stress where to get money to feed my children while we are on vacation and when we get home I have to ask my friend to lend me some money because we have no money left for our daily needs and existence. I made a complaint about it and was informed that they will open a case for my complaint and will make some investigation and somebody will call me to ask me further about the case. However, in the end I was told bluntly that there was no basis on my complaint and that Wyndham is not responsible for the inconveniences that have occured and I will just have to bear everything and pay all the returned item and insufficient fund fees. What I had experience in that vacation was a nightmare for me and for my whole family. Don't trust those people in Wyndham they are dishonest, deceitful and doesn't deserve the trust of anybody else. BEWARE OF WYNDHAM VACATION OWNERSHIP!!!

  • Tr
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    this company sucks... i worked for them for three years, my salary was cut by thousands; i was micro managed by some manager who knew nothing, and worked my butt off after hours and for nothing. nothing was ever right; you could never please the passive aggressive manager who thought that she was the cats meow. the EEOC has settled at least 10 complaints about wyndham and discrimination in the last year alone. if you file a harassment complaint with HR nothing is ever done. I had a boss who would constantly swear and curse in the office and she was promoted and i was let go... I thought this company was fair to work for when i first started but the directors are just cowards who will not deal with any problems; they pass it off to someone else to deal with. no trust; no teamwork; you are treated like a slave with no respect.

    the program that they sell appears to be great; but wait until you try and book your time at the resort that you want. they are so oversold that you may have to wait 3 years till you can get into the resort you want. beware of this com pany.

  • Do
      31st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    They have not been helpful to me this year. Tried for one month to get a reservation in Branson, said they were full but you can drive thru any of the resorts and tell they are not full. What a scam.

  • Tn
      1st of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes contact these people and sue their britches..

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