Wyndham Vacation Ownershipguest charge/ error on computer

I made a reservation for a guest at the end of November. Today, 12/1/18 I tried to modify it online. The only modification is a name change. Apparently I did that by accident, changing it to the exact same guest, thus using my second guest authorization for the year. So when I called, they were going to charge me $129 for adding a guest to the reservation. The same guest that was on the first one and the second one I made by mistake where nothing changed. So I did it online. I paid $99. I called Wyndham again and the first person was not able to help me, I asked to speak to a manger and finally got one. Her name is Susan M - counselor review specialist. She very politely told me my error, didn't matter that it was the exact reservation and there was nothing she could do. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she said it was her job to handle all phone numbers. I asked if the buck stopped with her and she said yes. She would not give me a number or an email address...then she politely hung up on me. Great way to treat your customers. Next time wyndham wants us to buy more points at 20K a pop, I will have them reach out to Susan.

Dec 01, 2018

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