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Wyndham Hotels & Resorts / Hiring practices

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Besides the fact that this company over sells all of it's resorts making the points you sell nearly unusable as is documented by others on this site, beware if you consider working there. Wyndham advertises on the largest job search websites but the hooks they use are so close to outright lies its impossible to discern. They claim that if you fail 80% of the time, you will "earn" $16,000 per month and their top sellers averaged over $225,000 last year. If is seems to good to be true it is!

To get to the point everything you will be told is untrue: the commission structure is a work of great imagination and quite successful at avoiding paying the salespeople. If you don't mind selling a total scam to a captive audience, working every weekend and three nights a week, getting paid for only a small split of what you earn and paying $20 a day for the right to park your car at work, this is for you. Beware if you have a real estate license: you could very easily lose your license and get a huge fine for following the required business practices.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

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  • Je
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    Pay no attention to 'Ben' listed above you. I contacted him as he was promoting Wyndham as if he were a satisfied customer and I caught him as a sales person for the Wisconsin Dells Wyndham. Have emails from him to prove it. Can you explain to me as a favor what I can do? I was held 'hostage' for 5 hours at the N. Myrtle Bch,SC Preview Center under threat of having to pay $358 for my hotel room if I didn't sit there, shut up and listen to 3 salespeople.

    Thanks, Jerry.

  • De
      20th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Personally, I can attest to working for Wyndham. I worked there for about two months. Their hiring practices are not what bothers me, but their firing practices. Saying things like, you're doing fine, no problem, and then WHAM the next day, gone? Let me start over. I got to work early for a training MOD. Then I sat through the team meeting. Then I was making phone calls. I got pulled off the phones about an hour into work, got escorted to the "meeting" room. Someone on my team, and someone else in the building were there. I was told this job was not for me, and that I needed to resign. Now I am thinking to myself.. I had no warning of this.. I was just told everything was fine.. I don't have to resign.. but I was backed into a corner on it, and eventually folded. I was told this job wasn't for everyone, and I was pretty bad at it. But thanks for my hard work, and trying. Then I was escorted back in, told to clock out, and pack up my things while the entire building watched. I wanted to try, but I just couldn't give my asst. that kind of satisfaction. So I packed up my stuff, held my head up, and walked out of the building. I felt 400 pairs of eyes on me the whole time.

    Needless to say, I told my mngr's. I would find a way to complain on the internet about them. Thus being the reason for my post. For a company that is so much for moral, family, and team spirit.. parading you around like a zoo animal while people gawk at you is not only politically incorrect.. but inhumane. I felt like I had been stripped of my rights as a human, as to say, I had no dignity left.

    I am not saying don't work for Wyndham. For the benifit's they promised, it seemed great. It is just a really tough job, you get a lot of rejection, and out of a training class of 19, I was the 13th to fall. If you can hack it, I am sure the pay is good, but for weekly, I never made more that 225. And it was usually less. I guess that's okay for some people, but I was expecting them to show me how to make the 20-35 $ per hour I was told was obtainable.

    Live and learn, I guess. Live and learn.

  • Je
      26th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was quite interested when I went to the International headquarters of Wyndham in Orlando to make a complaint. There were elevators but when you got off them you couldn't go anywhere. There was special card readers and solid wooden doors with no windows. I felt wierd so I went back down to the first floor and found a receptionist hidden away from view. She did call a person who arrived from another building to take my complaint. That was in November and I haven't heard a word. Bond, James Bond! Do you suppose the 500 complaints the Better Business Bureau is handling in Orlando has something to do with it?

  • Gw
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    If you do not fit in, you will be fired. even if you do exceptional. my manager, marlena is a pro at finding something wrong if she dont like you

  • Ca
      27th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    My experience in North Myrtle Beach was similar. I was not held captive, but reminded them that paper work said "approx. 2 hr presentation". Saleperson then said that it did not include tour. I took out my paperwork and showed him. I got to leave at the end of 3 hrs. My other complaint was I negotiated on the phone to state in a beach front hotel, but they switched me to a Courtyard Marriott off HWY 17. Hardly beachfront. Sales pitch was hardcore.

  • Ax
      30th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    No different in Sevierville, TN at Wyndham Smoky Mountains. They have a HR lady named Dottie who is never at work and a select management team who makes up false lies to get rid of who they dont want in theyre click. Check the bar down the street, Roaming Nome, thats where the business is discussed. Gary Byrd and Gary Hyde could care less if folks are happy at work. I hope you bankrupt you bunch of lying bigots!

  • Bo
      1st of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    wyndham smoky mountains does their employees way wrong!!! Esp John Geisberger!! He shldn't even be able to work there...bc he lost his license.. he is Director Of Sales with a felon..yet some very good employees with minor infractions cant get their jobs back...they will make up reasons to fire u...will even make stuff up on you to get u out..u have to fit into their click...if ur 2 cocky ...2 good looking..makin 2 much money they find a way to rock ur world.

  • Ti
      9th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I work for a Microtel Inn, associated with Wyndham and it has become time to find another job. First of all they are owned by Indians who will not pay a living wage. They pay minimum wage and will not give employees any kind of a raise. No matter how many years you've worked for them or how far above and beyond you have gone for them, they will not pay you a fair wage. They also will not allow you take any time off, give you vacation days, sick days, bereavement time and expect you to work around the clock for them while they spend time with their families, go on month long vacations and take weekends off. The general manager does not cover shifts for his employees if they do have to take time off and expect the employee to find a worker to cover the shift. He does not even run the hotel, he allows an employee to make his decisions and policies. When i started working i was trained, by the manager, to do things one way and i was constantly being told by the employee that i needed to do things another way. I asked management why i was being told this and his only response was a chuckle and a shoulder shrug. I have also learned that customer complaints are not dealt with but only laughed at and shoved into the shredder box. I went online one time to find a phone number for Wyndham for the guest to call with complaints and when he did, he was told that he would need to contact the hotel and speak with the general manager, who, does nothing but toss the complaint into the trash and says, "oh well, " smiling the whole time. He left a message for the general manager to call him and 2 days later the man called back and asked when the manager was going to call him. When i said that he had a phone call, he said to take a message-he wasn't in right now. Now that is true customer service, isn't it. I took this job so that i could get back into school, but it is time to just move on to a job where i can at least get one day off every week. Do not ever work for Wyndham or any of it's affiliates. You will only be sorry that you ever took the job.

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