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Don’t register on the website I filled the form and paid for the 3 month subscription. After 3 months I went to the website and wanted to cancel it, but these ### did something and it was impossible to cancel my subscription. I sent emails and asked to stop, but they ignored me. I wonder if there are people, who face the same problems. What measures do you take in order to stop it?

Feb 6, 2015
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  • Ro
      16th of Aug, 2017

    Hey, I'm sure that this is not true. I'm also registered there. And in addition, i always receive answers from technical support, not immediately. Even when I stopped purchasing, my money were not withdrawn. If you want to stop subscribe you need to go to It's Very simple) I think that the author of this post was mistaken in some way.

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  • Do
      26th of Dec, 2017

    Well not sure about some of the complaints. I can only give you mine. Been on there for nearly two years and thought I did meet some serious ones but nope found out they lied. Not going to say all of them are liars, but many of them are married and work for the agency. Found that one out by accident. Also many claim to be doctors do not fall for that as most of them are not! And if they say they want to come to you and meet you here forget it, nearly impossible for them to get a visa. And also had 3 of the ladies I paid for their private email, they all wanted money or gifts, pay for their phones or Internet connection. Or you need to give me gifts if you love me and care about me. So just be careful. The only good one I found was we exchanged great chats and photos and so forth but she all wanted money! And gifts I should pay for her passport, boots and a fur coat and pay for renovations to the apartment. So naked photos she thought was her payback. So once my credits are done so am I will delete. If you want to test the scammers, set up another account and most likely they will not even know it is you.

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