WorldSIM / unclear delivery options and bad customer service

Oxford England Oxfordshire, GB

Order number: ORD -7349546-P4W2H7
I ordered a sim card from your website after having spoken to one of the team on the live chat where i asked how long it took for the card to come. I was advised that I would be able to choose a delivery option at check out.
So i placed my order and at check out was confronted with 3 options stated exactly as follows:

UK Standard (3-5 working days) £2.00
UK Recorded (1-3 working days) £3.50
UK Next day £6.50

As i needed it for this morning (Monday morning) I selected Next day expecting it to come on Saturday as that was what the above implies.

I waited until Sunday and then went back onto live chat to ask why it wasn't here and how could i get my money back.

I was advised that as i had ordered after a certain time and you were not open Saturday and Sunday, but it would be here this morning.

I replied with this was not mentioned anywhere at the check out, nor was i told when i requested the information and if i had known this i would never have ordered, I would like my money back.

I was advised that this needed to be passed to another department and when something was received he would be able to do this. When i asked what he was waiting for i was ignored!

I got home from work today and it still hadn't come. I went back on to chat to ask again how to get my money back was advised they were looking in to my case and then i was ignored again and didn't get a response.

I waited an hour then started a new chat and got through to Jonathan, who looked into the case then advised me that you work in working days and it was dispatched today. I advised him that i requested for this to be cancelled and to get my money back yesterday before it was dispatched and as the website is unclear i would like my money back.

He then spent the next half an hour arguing with me that it was clearly stated and sent me the link. It wasn't acknowledged that i was not given all the correct information by the previous person who told me to choose at check out, and didn't send me/give me the correct information. And that i only placed my order because of the incomplete information i was given therefore placing me in this position.

I would like my money back please as;
1. I given incomplete information by your staff,
2. The page i was directed to by your staff didn't give all the relevant information, leading to me placing the order with misguided views on the delivery service.
3. I am our of £20 as there was no way the card would get here in time for my husband to go away and as he's already gone it won't be used now,
4. I also paid for next day delivery which was a waste,
5. I have had to pay for other ways to keep in contact with him so spent more money
6. I requested for the order to be cancelled and my money returned before it was dispatched
7. I have had to waste my whole evening because your staff cannot give the correct information to begin with and it took me 3 attempts to get a proper answer, and then i was argued with.

I would appreciate it if this matter could be resolved quickly please.

I hope for a quick response



  • Updated by Keelety, Apr 03, 2017

    I thought this was the actual complaints page for world sim... obviously not... does anyone have the actual complaints department number/email please?

Apr 03, 2017

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