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World Education Services / charging big money for nothing

1 NY, United States Review updated:

I was applying for some of the universities in USA for MBA program. Some of those universities requires all the education documents to be verified by World Education Services. Then i called WES to find out the process. They asked me to get all my education document directly sent by institute in India. I told them i have my original documents with me and i can get those notarized from any notary here in USA only. But they want me to get those documents verified and sealed by the institute and then send them. Now, i dont understand that if I am by myself is doing all this verification process then what they are charging the big amount of money for? They dont have any office set up in india and they only rely on some format of every institute which keep changing every year. Then, by seeing no other option, i called my parents to get this thing done for me. The university was located in the different city where my parents live and they had to travel for 10 hours, had to go to the university and spend two days to get this done. Then my parents sent those documents to me and i forwarded those to WES. After not receiving any updates for 2 weeks, i called WES and took 45 min to get hold on one of their customer care representative. Then they told me the same S**t they tell every one that the format does not match to one they have in their record. I was like what the [censored] is this? I dont know how older format they have in their system and i told them this is the format i got from the institute. They did not listen any thing.

Then, I asked them to return my $270 along with my documents and they refused to do that and told me that its not their policy and asked me to read their 30 pages policy document.

I tell you, WES is just a way to make money by charging $270.00 for just matching the 100 years old format of document. They dont have any office set up in different countries at all. I dont know what they are charging for if they want me to do all the verification process by myself. I am so much of disappointed because of this experience and do not wish to pursue my MDA program from those university who requires the verification process to be done by this S****y organization.

Be aware of this organisation!

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  • Ja
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    yes they are terrible. complain here:

    i'm trying to get my money back right now. What a nightmare.

    The NY Better Business Bureau has handled 129 complaints about WES in just 3 months, and for any business what makes it to the BBB is the tip of the iceburg.

    If anyone else is having problems you might get a resolution by complaining to the Better Business Bureau who seem to have resolved some of the complaints:


    (check out WES's BBB file here: )

    also complain here to New York Attorney General Charities Division;


    You can also post a review of them as a charity on the GuideStar database which is an important nonprofit reference, taken seriously by funders and nonprofit researchers:


  • Am
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    hey guys I totally agree to what you guys are saying... B**** WES, does not understand that not all universities cooperate. Mumbai University says that they won't sign(registrar). Mumbai Univ sent once documents, which were stamped, signed, sealed and via my friend I got it sent to WES. Their customer service people are very rude and do not cooperate in this matter. They also don't refund the fees. I wish ill luck and hope they suffer. The way they are non cooperative and talk rudely, hope they go to hell. I am going to BBB and also NY Attorney General. If any body reads this, and if you have found an alternative agencies to get the work done in an easier, please help me email is (pls write in subject header something pertaining this blog)

  • Su
      21st of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    yes, I agree with everything! I had the same experience and omggg they are horrible... I graduated in Egypt in 1984 and they want an envlope with the college seal but I have no fmily there. Everyone is in the United States and I cannot get anything like that because the country in not advanced enough to keep track of all their students esspecially from that long ago. They took $190 from me and Im not sure if ill get it back I am so disappointed but thank god I found another company that will do the evaluation with only a copy of my documents not needing the real thing (Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.) I hope this evaluation company gets shut down very soon before they steal more money!

  • Ev
      30th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Not to say that there aren't problems with this or any other evaluation company, but...given the nature of the beast, I don't think that there is a place that evaluates that also pleases everyone. From service to evaluation methods, these places differ quite a bit, so it's really just a matter of making sure you get it done at a place that your employer or board or university will recognize. Not much else you can do, looks like.

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