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1 Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia

I have been a customer of woolworth wynyard (Tasmania) for many years, never have i experienced such poor service as of late. You might cut your prices to win or retain customers, however service must be a priority, to go into a store and then have to retreat back to to the carpark for a trolley is the first example. Trolleys of m/t cartons on the one hand, plus trolleys of groceries to be shelved, on the other (Mostly unattended) blocking the aisles - not professional! Last week i shopped and found the manager running the bakery because someone had resigned!
Monday last i go in, (Yes, it was a public holiday,) after a roast chicken, lo and behold where was the manager, in the deli!!! I peruse the hot chicken counter - m/t - any chickens boss??, i address the manager as he apologises to yet another customer because the showcase was nearly bereft of produce!! As he runs to the fridges he looks at the chicken counter, "sorry mate haven't had a chance (To get them in the oven) , they should be there, sorry mate!!!" this was 5.30, yep close to dinner eh :) and no chickens!!! I haven't yet started on the waiting times at the checkouts, recently i heard the service manager call 6 staff to the checkouts, guess how many came - just one - the manager!!!. Also where are the elevated product signs for the head of the aisles, i know these have been promised for months as i do communicate with your staff, obviously unlike yourselves!! Are you starting to get the message, this shop is grossly neglected and understaffed, the management is frustrated, i will be apologised to only so many times!! Get your act together or i will shop totally at coles, they already share my dollars due to my frustration with your supposed service. If you don't want me in your store, just let me know!! From the above, you will agree with me that dale is a great and versatile manager but he can't do it on his own. Get your act together and support your people..

Nov 8, 2016

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