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Armadale Perth WA, Australia
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Today (29/10/2018) I did my shopping at your Armadale store in Western Australia. I used the self check out and left the store at 1pm. As i was approaching the car park a lady came along side me and in front of me taking photos and video of me which made me very uncomfortable. She then went to her car and unloaded some shopping. As i unloaded my shopping into my car she approached and began taking photos of my car. I confronted her and asked what she was doing taking photos of me and my car. She was very rude and abrupt saying because she can, she walked off back into the shopping centre.
I saw her coming back out so i approached her again and asked what was going on, she then said that Woolworths would be sending the police to me so i asked again what was the problem and she replied that it needed to addressed at the store she then escorted me back to Woolworths where I was accused of leaving without paying in front of all other customers by management staff and also by the young girl who was working in the self serve. The situation became quite confrontational and I was so very embarrassed having to defend myself in front of so many people. I was no where near the check out that someone had not payed at, in fact I had used a check out furtherest away from the one I was being accused of using. I insisted they check your cameras and I was also able to produce my receipt. Your staff were then very apologetic and offered me flowers and informed me that they had no idea who the lady that took the photos of me was and that she had told them she saw me walk off without paying and given my then my photo and rego number. I am so upset that the store took the word of a stranger and I was made to feel so embarrassed. I will never be shopping at your stores again and now feel to embarrassed to even enter the shopping centre.
I think your staff need more training in how to handle a situation like this and to check the evidence before accusing someone so that some other poor innocent person has to go through what I did today.
I am a share holder in your company that I now question if i want to be a part off.

Oct 29, 2018

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