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Woolworths / optus sim card and inexcusable customer service

1 Australia

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from St. Clair Woolworth, last night (14/01/2016). I visited your store at approximately 8:00pm last night to purchase a few household items, along with an Optus Pre-Paid Sim card for a iPhone 6. My initial understanding was to approach the Customer Service Desk, where I waited for approximately 5 minutes with staff members walking past me, yet not offering assistance. I then thought to ask a cashier for assistance where I would pay for my groceries. When I asked the cashier for assistance, she would not allow me to finish my sentence before talking over me. As I mentioned above I was looking for a sim card for an iPhone 6, she replied that Optus was down and I could not buy it!! I then advised her again that I want the Sim card and what does me purchasing a Sim card have to do with Optus not being active right now? She then turned around and called out to a co-worker who was at the cigarette counter and once again dismissed my question. I then repeated my question about wanting to purchase a Sim card for the iphone6, (Nano Sim). She then turned around and called out to the same co-worker who pointed in the direction of where the Sim cards might be and shrugged her shoulders. The cashier then walked over to the customer service counter and returned with a Sim card pack. Whilst placing my order through, the cashier spent most of the time calling out to her co-worker for assistance and at no point did the co-worker who was providing assistance think to walk over, nor did the cashier feel that yelling/calling out was highly inappropriate behavior to display. I then returned home, and opened the Yellow Optus Envelope, to find that I was given the wrong Sim Card. By this time it is now 9:30pm, my husband has then returned to Woolworths, St Clair to request an exchange, with the product and the receipt as this was not due to my negligence but the 2 team members who served me. Upon returning to Woolworths St. Clair- the outcome from the customer service consultant and night manager was “sorry we cannot help you as it is not store policy to exchange once the envelope has been opened”. To which we (husband and I) advised that this was not due to us choosing the wrong product, as the onus should fall on the 2 Woolworths employees. The night manager kept repeating “its store policy”, to which I said well I bought a product, asked several times for a certain product I have then been given the wrong product what should I do as this has cost me $30.00 for the sim card + petrol money + time as I also have a toddler who has been on this ridiculous merry go around due to the appalling customer service. I have read your Woolworths Supermarket Returns Policy : With proof of purchase ; if the product you buy from Woolworths Supermarket is faulty or if you are not satisfied with it, then we will cheerfully refund the purchase price, exchange or repair the product. At no point whilst I was at Woolworths did I feel/believe that the staff understood or carried away the steps in the Returns Policy Night manager advised “ that Woolworths is not a Sim card provider/distributor so we do not know the product”. The above and final statement is what I find most disgusting and appalling, as a weekly shopper of Woolworths I have also had the understanding that staff at Woolworths will and should have product knowledge of what is sold in the store. Also if customer service and managers are not aware of what sim cards are sold. That leads me to ask WHY are the sim cards sold if no product knowledge is provided. It leaves me to wonder, if this is an issue up the organisation chart? Has the learning and development team failed to train staff? Do managers not conduct roll outs on new products so new and per-existing staff are aware of what products are sold? Are managers trained on how to deal with customer complaints/issues, what are the safety nets in place for issues as I have had? Overall, Woolworth has lost a customer, and I will also be placing this on all my social media accounts as I feel that the matter could have been resolved without the drama or the lack of empathy provided from the staff at Woolworth St. Clair. I do hope to hear back soon, and be advised of the next step in my compliant process.

Jan 14, 2016

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