Woolworths Northpark / Getting paid correctly and regularly

Adelaide Metro Area, South Australia, Australia

I am writing this as a CUSTOMER because it has been proven time and time again that nothing gets taken seriously as an employee, therefore, as a customer i have a complaint about not being able to shop, pay bills or buy life threatening medication due to not getting paid consistently and accurately.
Using the excuse of Kronos "being a new system"can only be used for so long. Do you have any idea the amount of undue stress and anxiety this causes when you have no way of knowing IF and WHEN you are getting paid?
Do you realise that medical and health requirements are actually life threatening if people can not access the medications? Do you stop to think about how financial stress and burden effects depression and suicide rates?
Do you realise that paying your employees is a legal requirement? Yes new systems always have glitches but how many times does my pay have to be short before this problem gets addressed properly? Not only do we suffer from being short paid but through none of our fault, we are made to wait another entire week just to see IF the backpay comes through. It doesnt always come through. Bills keep adding up, medicine goes untaken, stress, anxiety and depression gets worse and still NOTHING gets fixed or solved.
If this is a once off, or even only happens occasionally, it wouldn't be so bad BUT this happens quite regularly and no one seems to care. Do you have any idea what this does to the state of my mental health? As an employee i don't seem to matter so maybe as a CUSTOMER this MIGHT just get addressed and fixed.

Jul 26, 2016

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