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Woolworths / management

1 cecil hills, Australia

i was hired at cecil hills branch as a online supervisor, john store manager told me in the interview that the other supervisor was overseas and that he wanted to replace her with me as her sales were not good.he also assured me in front of deborah lowe online manager that he would give the other supervisor notice when she got back from her holiday.when she returned she was not told anything and thats when i was getting bullied from her and the rest of online staff.when i approached the other supervisor and told her i was employed to take her position, she called me a liar and started to push a trolly at me and throw things at me .this was happening on every shift, the staff was sabotaging customers stock after it was picked, and rearranging tkts etc..i approached my manager and told her was going on she told me that john still has not spoken to the other supervisor and she didnt know when he was going to.i was working everyday 5 days a week afternoon shft from 6-12 i the evening.everyday i went to speak to john and ask what was going on and told him what the staff was doing on my shift and how i was getting treated..i told him i was getting bullied and violently...he did nothing about online manager said the same thing ...i kept on working doing my job as i love it and am very passionate about customer service, and thats what kept me going...i would go in my car and cry before i drove sales went up and thats all that mattered day i was told to start at 4pm and my staff wasnt there til 8pm so i got everything ready for my staff to make things easier on them for when they start, it was a mess i my room there were pallets and cages every where, i had to physically move heavy objects out of my room, just so i could walk through i did ask other staff members from different departments if they could help me only to get the answer we were instructed not to help you, so idid it all on my own, my back started to hurt as tracy night manager kept on yelling at staff and me as she always does, to hurry up and move it.i was in alot of pain with my back i finished my shft and went home crying again.this happened for4 months .now i have injured my back because of negligence at work and it has not changed a thing at work...we are a team well the induction tells us, we are meant to communicate together we are meant to help one another and under no circumstance is anyone meant to feel violated nor bullied in the work force at anytime, let alone by managers.i can not work now as i will be having back surgery..i do have solicitors involved and am taking this matter further...i have tried to tell HR and union but nothing has been done about it...woolworths has really made me is this possible and how can they still be acting the same with others..they have made people very scared and put them in a shell..i do hope that something will be done about this as i am suffering and othersa are as well.

Nov 22, 2016

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