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Despite the existence of a ticketing device and frequent confrontations/complaints to the managers, delicatessan staff rarely bother to utilize it AND will freely give every excuse (usually demontrably false or nonsensical) to justify their laziness.

More often than not those, to whom I complain, demonstrate more interest in defendong their staff and lowering customer expectstions than effecting reasonable change. Evidently "management" is not committed enough to customer satisfaction.

Jan 03, 2015
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      Jan 11, 2015

    When I saw this complaint, I was momentarily confused because I thought I must have already recorded mine and forgotten. Of course, I realised that is not the case and it just seems to be same clowns in a different circus.
    I have made exactly the same complaints on multiple occasions to the management at the local Wallan, Vic store.
    Why purchase a ticketing system and then not use it? When did it become acceptable to wash dishes or label hot chicken packs and leave one person to serve a queue of 5 people?
    Spoke to the deli staff and they said it is policy not to interrupt a task to serve customers!!!
    Spoke to the manager who, while conceding they could have, at the very least, apologised to the waiting customers that they had a time critical task to complete, or, more productively, called for extra staff to assist, made the excuse that the chickens have to be put out within a certain time frame.
    The lack of organisation and complete disregard for customers, often seen as a burden, is extraordinary. Clearly, Woolworths are so confident in their place in the market that they don't feel customer service is a priority.

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