Woolworths Australia / poor customer service from "april" at preston (vic) woolworth

Preston, Victoria, AU

Date of incidents: Sat (am) 15/10/16 and Sat(am) 03/12/16. This employee with the name badge on as April who was on in the two dates of the self check out and customer inquiry service was very rude. She is brown eyed and naturally brunette but has dyed bottle blonde hair. At the self check out she is abrupt and rude to customers when they turn to ask for assistance. She tells them "it self explanatory" and "you shouldn't be here if you can't do it yourself" ie operate the check out and with that attempts to stand over them. When asked again she goes there very slowly like she couldn't care less about her job; and it's a huge chore for her. This stand over behaviour is the same when she is selling stuff on the enquires stand. Abrupt and rude to customers saying "make up your mind" when she doesn't listen and follow the instructions of what customers want.

Kathy the Pilipino girl who is shift superviser is hopeless on both occaisons pretending she didn't hear and moving away from the scenario. She can't manage her staff.

Please do not put this April on again. 0/10 for customer service and for being rude to customers. I must add she makes snide side remarks about a customer after they leave to other employees, which is unnecessary and ###.

Dec 05, 2016

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