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OK - I live in a kind of remote place. Resources, time and distances are issues.

I do online shopping and getting groceries freighted up, because of the significant distances.

That means I get a delivery from the store to the depot, paid for by me, and then I get the delivery from the depot to me, again paid for by me.

The problems with Woolworths online, fall into several categories.

1. They accept my order, and then require payment for the order.

2. In the next day or two, they assemble my order, with an email the night before stating "Your order is due for delivery tomorrow morning at ABC am.

3. That morning they send me an email stating they are out of stock on X amounts of a number of items - and then tell me they will issue me with a refund, that should take between 3 to 5 days to process.

4. And they are the ONLY business that do this, "Make half a delivery and then wipe their hands of you" .

5. As far as I am concerned, they ought to;

a) ask me if I am willing to accept this, or

b) Offer to delay the sending of the purchase until they restock within a day or two, or

c) Send the other half of the delivery, onto me, at their own expense, when they do restock.

But they don't. They make NO effort to do anything what so ever.

They just tell you your getting half the delivery, and your money for the undelivered purchase, is going to be stuck in limbo for the next 3 to 5 days.

I think this is BS - because it is, and when I contact "Woolworths Online" by phone a large number of pointless and time wasting things happen.

Firstly you get the corporate cluelessness spiels - where you tell them what happened, your personal info, and the sale number, and then they look at the notes and tell you what you told them, because you just read it in the email they sent to you, stating the same information.

This is unfathomably productive.

And instead of taking on board my directives that they just ought to stop doing the really stupid stuff, like sending emails at the last minute, saying tough luck we are out of stock, and a refund is on the way - they ought to at least offer me an OPTION by phone and email (a, b, or c), to which they respond, "The company policy is.. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..."

They just do not "get it" or set about "making it happen", so I ask for the call to be escalated.

And it just goes through the same battery hen manufactured responses.

And they either refuse to escalate the call, or they tell me, "The manager is not available at this moment, is there something I can help you with?" or they refuse to tell me who the manager is, what their contact details are, or to send a massage to them, with my number, asking them to call me back.

They just stone wall you - every step of them way.

I for one am not going to accept this getting half a delivery and having my cash for groceries stuck in limbo for 3 to 5 days, and I am not going to accept being fobbed off by the "Woolworths Online" call centre corporate robots..

The last "manager" I talked too there, was really just a team leader and he said, it was up to the Bored of Directors to make this decision - he was lying and making it up as he went along.

So I have gone and tried to talk to THE person who is responsible for making THIS decision, within the Woolworths organisation.

The Woolworths switch board, either just sends you back to the same "online shopping team" - which goes nowhere., or they refuse to escalate the call to the responsible manager.

Everyone in that board of directors is completely uncontactable - either directly or indirectly.

All possible avenues of contact around the corporate switch board, are filled with people who will NOT take the matter on board and get anyone to call me back or transfer the matter on the responsible person by escalating the issue. This includes their "media inquiries" dept., their "Code of Conduct" dept., their "Investor relations" dept., etc., etc., etc.

Despite all the happy people shopping with us "signage" all over their websites, they have their communications locked down tight. Meaning that if I won't accept the front line lip service in response to my legitimate issues, meaning that if they cannot get away with throwing me under their bus and making me stay there, there is NO way that I am going to tunnel into that organisation to connect with the person who is responsible for the issues I am raising.

This is just a thoroughly dishonest way to operate.

However - I think I can connect with whoever I choose, because I am good at it..

I am going to stick at this, till I get their dodgy dump you in the gutter with half an order issues sorted out.

Nov 15, 2017
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  • Ng
      Nov 20, 2017

    I agree. Today's experience was this.
    1. Ordered ([protected]) on Monday 20th Nov. for delivery between 10am - 1.opm on Tuesday 21st.
    2. Received an "Out of Stock" notice for 12...yes I said 12 items. and advice they will refund me$76-85 in 3-5 days
    3. I must say that 6 of the 12 items were fresh food items. (So much for their ads..The Fresh Food People)
    4. When I checked online for delivery time it was pushed out each time to the last one which said 3.30 - 4.30. This made me feel very disappointed with Woolies as I was having family for dinner that night and some of the items I had needed were "Out Of Stock"
    5 As I am disabled I cannot just whip out to any local supermarket, I rely very much on Woollies.
    6 I have been doing online shopping with them for nearly 8 years, but I have noticed of late that many many items are Out of Stock. each time. Perhaps if I choose a Thursday, Friday or Saturday I might have more luck.
    7 Previously I had been quite satisfied but I think it service is slipping and perhaps Coles may be a better alternative

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