Woolworths Australia / customer service

I was at woolworth highpoint this morning (store was not busy at all) with my infant in baby carrier when i took a small trolley to shop. As i continued to shop i realised i needed a big trolley instead so i approached a staff at the selfcheckouts asking for help to take a big trolley out as i did not have another coin. The staff (a young girl) pointed to the trolley pushing guy(African appearance) saying that he can help you.
As i approached the trolley guy and explained him that i needed to swap the trolley but i had no.more gold coin to unlock tbe big trolley so if he could help me. He instead of helping said that i could put all my shopping in the basket and then put away the small trolley get the coin out and get a big trolley and then reload the trolley(despite of looking thati was carrying a baby).
Looking at the ignorant and helpless behaviour of the staff as i started unloading my trolley a fellow lady customer walked in and willingly helped me to sort the trolley.

But in all it is so disappointing to see such ignorant behaviour of the staff towards the customers despite of asking for help.

Jul 30, 2018

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