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Leura, New South Wales, Australia Review updated:

Please stop playing the 'Woolworths' song in-store on the radio!!! It really is bordering on brainwashing and should be ILLEGAL!!! I have spoken to some Woolworths staff and they have commented that they mentally 'shut down' when the song comes on... As a result of this I have chosen to take my business to other retail outlets so as not to get the ad stuck in my head for hours post-shopping. Congrats to the Woolworths marketing team. Unfortunate for the rest of us!

Jun 17, 2015
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      17th of Jun, 2015

    Their marketing and advertising staff would be pleased.

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      31st of Jul, 2015

    I am a Woolwoths employee and I 100% agree with this. I HATE my job with a passion, and this song is a major reason for that. It might seem petty getting upset over a song, but I have been battling severe mental health issues for a long time and the fresh food people song greatly depresses me. It quite literally makes me contemplate suicide. I'm not one to openly discuss my illnesses, so I'd like to remain anonymous, but if this happens to me I'm sure I'm not the only one. This song, paired with the torment of some customer remarks on a daily basis, is enough to completely break a person down under the right circumstances. I was very low one day at work, and this song came on and I had to leave my register and lock myself in the bathroom in tears, trying talk myself out of suicide by thinking of things that are worth living for. PLEASE KILL THIS SONG! Coming to work is hard enough as it is!

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      2nd of Mar, 2016

    What is the use of advertising cheep hot chickens when you never have any? Every week for 10 years I have purchased 1 chicken from there. Now they have reduced the price. In the last 6 trips they have only had chickens once. 3 of the times there was not even any in the ovens. Not much good going there to get food if I then have to hop in the car and go elsewhere for the chicken. In future I will get all my shopping elsewhere.

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