Woodsprings Suites / I am complaining about how on january 15,2018 they increased the prices by $300 and 3 days later they increased it again by another $300.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

On January 15 the WoodSpring Suites in Davie, Florida increased the rates. The establishment put up notices prior to the 15th to let all the guest know. Three days later they increased the rates again another $300. This time they didn't give any notice to any of the guest. They just posted it on the billboard outside what the weekly rate was now. How can any of the guest prepare themselves for something like this. They have made the guest feel like what was once affordable is now astronomical. They are saying it is corporate that's making the rates go up. Well thank you corporate for making me and my family now homeless. I now have to find a new home for my dog. They told the guest if you can't pay you can't stay. Thank you again corporate for making me and my family homeless.

Woodsprings Suites
Woodsprings Suites

Jan 21, 2018

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