Woodsprings Suitesabusive behavior from general manager at the killeen, tx location

V Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

I called the hotel and asked the General Manager, Toby, to connect me to my wife's room. Toby rudely informed me that their location wasn't a full service hotel and that they didn't provide that service.

At that point I asked Toby to give my wife a message to call me. His reply was that he had a lobby full of people and he didn't have time to take a message.

At that point I reminded Toby that I was paying for the room and he threatened to kick my wife out of the hotel.

Finally, I asked Toby to ask the owner of the hotel to call me. He informed me that he wasn't going to bother the owner and he refused to give me the owner's name or contact information.

Then he informed me that he was going to hang up and he hung up on me.

On an unrelated topic, the hotel has a no pets policy and there are literally multiple no pets rooms that have pets in them. Because of this, there are fleas everywhere in the hotel including in the bed linens. Ugh.

I would appreciate an apology, a refund for our stay and appropriate corrective actions at this location up to and including cancelling the franchisee license if the situation is not addressed satisfactorily.


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      Nov 24, 2017

    You will want to contact the company directly for assistance as they will likely not see your complaint here.

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