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I placed an order on and I got the merchandise from China which I thought was weird because they say they are in San Francisco now however my bank (the one I used on wish) noticed after receiving a phone call to have my personal information changed on the account from an area code as 512 (due to other fraudulent activity from others) and shut it down. I did not know about it until I went to purchase something at Target and it declined. I called and found out over 2000.00 worth or merchandise. Two were to contractors for each 1000.00 and then three Experian charges. Then I noticed that there were 1.00 charges as well. I tried calling the phone numbers that were on line on my statement and imagine that they are no longer in service. Luckily for me my bank is taking care of this but I know I am NEVER going to use and I will do everything in my power even on Facebook to discredit them. I will tell you why, when I opened the e-mails stating that my order was shipped, there was a warning not to open the email as there was potential harm so I did not open the link but none the less it still happened to me anyway. DO NOT USE WISH.COM ! ! ! !

Oct 02, 2015
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  • Sa
      Dec 31, 2015

    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Interesting how many negative comments they have on a company that's not even accredited to them. Also fraud dept at my bank is handling my complaint.

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  • Kr
      Mar 05, 2016

    Wow! Thanks everyone for your honest reviews of! I had downloaded their app because I was going to order from them... but I did read the comments from the customers who purchased clothing from them. Some shoppers were happy with their purchases and others were very unhappy and frustrated! I didn't want to deal with it because knowing my luck (which I have none) would have been a big mistake!!! So I uninstalled the app and that was a good thing because it freed up some space on my phone! 😄

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  • Sh
      Apr 09, 2018

    @Krazykat1 Some people have ended going to spoof sites — I downloaded the app directly from the App Store. We get lots of dumb s**t from them but the prices are great. You gotta wait a month for the stuff but no biggie.

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  • La
      Feb 27, 2019

    @Shaun Koller I have been using the wish app for almost 2 years..Never had problems that were not resolved..i love wish

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  • To
      Apr 05, 2016

    Scam site do not buy. They cheated my money and many others. They overcharge their items on my credit card and they refuse to refund me for broken items and for overcharging. Everything is poor quality from china. SCAM site. I will keep posting to warn people

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  • Wi
      Apr 14, 2016

    Sandra Ozane haven t receive rest my orders ... What happening to it?I made the order since March1, 16.

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  • Ma
      Aug 13, 2016

    Spmeone hacked my credit card number and placed 3 orders The first order was for$1.00 then for $95.00 on WISH.COM.They then placed two orders totaling $398 on Charolette Russe web site. Luckily Carolotte Russe declined both orders as something caught their attention that this was not a legit order. I tried and tried to call their phone numberàs it was listed on my online credit card statement. I kept getting a recording that said " The mailbox of the perßon you are trying to reach is full. Please try again later. I kept trying but kept getting the same recurding.
    I am going to file a police report today. Since l am a senior citizen, any crime against a senior is considered a felony! I hope they catch them and in the pròcess nail this website too!

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  • Ro
      Dec 01, 2016

    All the sudden after many orders that worked perfectly, all the remaining orders disappeared! No way to track them. No way to call customer service it says to email on app. Money was taken out of my account! Lost. It worked so well for months.

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  • Je
      Mar 25, 2017

    I too have been ripped off by this company. They keep charging small amounts after I bought something a few months ago. Do not use this company. The company that collects their money will not accept a dispute. They are Beware of them.

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  • Ca
      Apr 12, 2017

    I had purchased over $500.00 worth of merchandise however only received approximately $100 worth of the items. When I went to their site to state that I didn't receive the items and wanted refunds, in total I received $39.00 refund. I tried to contact the customer support but it was useless. They stated that I didn't notify the seller in time so some items were not refundable and those that were I received partial refunds e.g. Item cost $19.00 refunded $4.00. It's all a scam. Beware of this site.

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  • Ab
      Aug 10, 2017

    I use a prepaid Visa card to buy from wish. Is this safe?

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  • An
      Jan 06, 2018

    @Abby_23 only if you keep zero balance on the card forever!

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  • Mi
      Aug 16, 2017

    Ordered a "free" USB car charger, with $1 shipping from in July, I got the item about a month later, then in 2 more weeks, I got a $50 charge on my PayPal account. I immediately disputed the charge and am waiting for resolution.

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  • Na
      Oct 11, 2017

    My partner made some small purchases on clothes from using my bank card I did have a bad feeling but who can argue with a girl? so I let her to save the destruction on my sanity, I then checked my bank account to find $522.00 had left my account under (you're doomed if you don't and doomed if you do!), I disputed the amount as fraudulent my bank simply did a charge back refunded me the money and will take them to court if the money is not refunded to them, if can prove the purchase is legitimate then the $522.00 will be going into their account or items returned. I dare say my bank has dealt with more than once and has them possibly listed as a fraudulent company with many complaints, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Might be my first default on my mortgage if the money is not refunded in time, some [censor] sites scamming people huh! Yet continues business, where is the faith in consumer affairs?

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  • Da
      Nov 17, 2017

    Wish has yet to over charge me though the garments they ship are not all they claim, I ordered a cool shirt, learned the hard way that a 2x size isn't the same as an American 2x, so I ordered a 5x and believe it that joker was even smaller go figure, never order from them again.

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  • Pa
      Nov 25, 2017

    My son had no problems at first. Then he began receiving strange items he didn't order. Now more items are showing as ordered that he would never order. So far about $200 in fraudulent charges.

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  • Th
      Jan 14, 2018

    I have never used wish but my friend did and she has been receiving fraudulent charges to her account.

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  • Sh
      Apr 09, 2018

    We’ve had mixed luck with all the Chinese products on Wish. But it’s more about expectation and following the rules we figured out

    1) don’t use emails or websites to get to wish. This is where all your fraud occurs

    2) use legit apps on iPhone and droid only!

    3) adults: always order 2-3 sizes up or you’ll donate clothes to a kids store

    4) expect cheap stuff to be cheap. When you get something really awesome for $2 rejoice. Otherwise have no expectations until it arrives, whatever it is.

    5) compare prices like a hawk. The same thing can go for free with $4 shipping or $1 with $2 shipping. Shop smart

    Bonus: prices can very even wilder. $1, $3, $26 for the same item. Some sellers are hoping for some dummy to fall in love at the $26 price.

    6) wait for 3-5 weeks for your stuff. If you’re in a hurry, go to Walmart. The expedited shipping ($8) usually makes in store stuff cheaper

    7) follow these rules and wish can be a good experience. Otherwise, you’ll cry like little babies.

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  • La
      Feb 27, 2019

    @Shaun Koller Agreed! I do the issues that way! Well said!!

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  • Al
      Jul 16, 2018

    Made a purchase through wish for water beads and the merchant (DaftFlame) then yesterday my account was charged $83.47 to a TARGET T-2212/TARGET T-2212 in Brooklyn New York. I checked it out and it isnt a target store and I reported the fraudulent charge to my financial institution and now awaiting the results of the investigation to get my money back. I have made purchases before and never had any issues but now I will no longer use the app.

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  • Se
      Sep 05, 2018

    I read reviews about Wish prior to ordering anything. The top google searches mostly mention people unhappy with sizing problems or cheap merchandise. They said to do research on the seller and look at the reviews and you should be fine. I made ONE $5 purchase on Wish and the same day my credit card was fraudulently charged $3026! This was a seller that had high reviews and many sales. I have my despute in now and my credit card company assures me that I will be reimbursed after the review which takes 2-4 weeks. Thank goodness I didn't use my debit card. I will never be ordering from Wish again and hope that the dangers of Wish are further up on Google searches in the future instead of a bunch of blogs that don't mention credit card fraud. I could have been saved this stress.

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  • Ch
      Nov 11, 2018

    Guys, Dont use Wish App. I am from Hyderabad(India). My account is hacked and using my card details autosaved in Wish someone placed order. I did not save my card details in Wish. But, Still Wish saved my credit card details and with out my approval (OTP/other mode) someone bloody basxxxd purchased iphone worth Rs 12K yeserday (11th Nov-2018). As and when i got SMS from my bank that my card is used in Wish, I logged in to Wish app and checked the order history within 10 minutes and found that someone used my Wish account and card and placed order. I can even see the shipping address. address is in USA. Worst part is- there is no option to cancel the order though the refund/return policy allows it within 8 hours. There is no response from Support personnel. When I click on Support button, surprisingly its asking for my ID proof and bank statement showing the transaction with Wish. Bloody BXXXXXds. Why should I provide my ID card & bank statement for approaching support team? Still, I have uploaded my ID proof and bank transaction screenshot. It says, they will get back in days. Its fraud. Its not secured. Dont use it all. Never ever use Credit Card in that Wish App.

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  • Do
      Feb 24, 2019

    @chaitanya Miryala did you ever get your money back on your card.

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