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I wanted to transfer my phone number to T-Mobile Home phone service through my ISP. I stopped using Windstream as an ISP because of them being unreliable and always blaming my equipment for the problem. It seems that to do this, you have to allow your mobile phone co. to make the request even though it's your number and has been for over 20 years.
So, I did this on 5/30/09.
The request was rejected by WS because some of the information they require was wrong or missing. On 6/11/09 another request was sent to them by T-Mobile. Rejected again on 6/18 for the same reason even though I called Windstream to find out exactly what was needed and the person with whom I spoke guaranteed me that the information submitted was correct. On 6/25, the 4th request was sent and finally was ok'd.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sugar Land, TXOn 7/2, the transfer was finally done---- but only half way. The land line is still active and all calls made from any other WS number come in on that line. All other calls come in on the VOIP line. WS says that it will be Monday, 7/6 before that problem goes away.
Folks, that's 36 days to get those idiots to make a simple transfer. I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I also told them that if I owed them any money, they could whistle Dixie for it---- These are the very same folks who "give" you 100 minutes of long distance with a bundled phone bill and then if you make just one short call, it winds up costing you $8 with all the access fees and taxes.
Perhaps had they provided service that was decent, people wouldn't be bailing dropping them for VOIP and cellular options. Do they seem to give a crap?--- hell no. Will I help them lose customers?-- Damn right!

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