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Windstream bought our local phone company, Kerrville Telephone with the blessings of our city fathers who knew this was already a near monopoly.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Kerrville, TX They have raped and pillaged the service to their customers, laid off everyone who had a decent salary and they handle everything outside of the local office. It is useless to walk in there unless you are bringing them money to pay a bill. Their email service is absolutely horrendous with very strict limits on file sizes and they would rather send 100 "you are over limit" notices that let you have your email. I HATE THIS CORPORATION.

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  • Am
      Jul 03, 2008

    I was given a price quote for bundling my dish, dsl, and home phone. Well they unbundled due to a mistake on their end, which they admitted. I didn't know they gave my account to dish and had a three month late bill. At the time I had a house fire and was out of my home. They did not care about the mistake they made and said I had to pay the full amount do dish. They were charging me like 60.00 at dish and Windstream quoted me at about 30.00. They would not reimburst me any of the money and they were suppose to rebundle the package to get the free reciever and five dollor discount, which was different from what they quoted in the first place. Well all was suppose to be fixed and I went ahead and paid dish. Well my bill didn't have dish on it this month and the bill for dish is now 68.00. I do not know who to contact to complain to but I would love tell someone how poor their customer service is. I would switch companies but nobody else runs service where I live.

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  • Jo
      Aug 20, 2008

    I, too, have had a horrible experience with the lack of customer service at Windstream. I had a CSR talk to me as if I knew how to resolve my own problem, and he did so in a sarcastic way. I got angry and yelled at him. He actually hung up the phone instead of helping me.

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  • Bj
      Aug 25, 2015

    My husband contacted windstream last week and informed them he would check around prior to agreeing, especially since they stated it would take a week to have a technician come to our home for the installation. Within a day, they sent out an email "confirming" our installation for the following week on Monday. We decided to go ahead and give them a shot. So, we confirmed this appointment that in reality, we actually didn't make. Monday rolls around and I contact their office around 9 am to get a time frame of when to expect the technician. The CSR stated our ticket was for later in the day after noon. I request the technician to contact myself when he was on his way to my house and the CSR said that is standard practice; however, they CANT guarantee it happens all the time. I stayed home all day. Around 3:30 I contacted them again and informed them I needed to pick my daughter up from school and then had to handle a quick arrangement at 5. I advised her the technician would have to be available for the time frame of 4:15-4:45 if nobody showed up before 3:50. She dispatched the technician, stated he was working on a trouble ticket and would be at my house next. Again, I requested a call and she said she personally informed the technician to call, along with verifying TWO phone numbers to call. I picked up my daughter, we waited at home until 4:45 then I went to handle my business. I was less than 2 miles from my house and was home before 5:05 pm. Immediately when I walked into my home I received an automated call from Windstream requesting feedback on the installation that was completed at 4:45! I called back and spoke with Jeremy who immediately asked if I needed help getting my modem activated. I informed him I have no modem and was calling regarding installation that should have been set up and was apparently closed out as if it had been completed. He replied with, "Since you weren't home, you will now have to schedule a professional installation." Of course at that point I was livid. I requested a supervisor since I already knew where that conversation was going. After several times requesting information on his supervisor he asked me if I just wanted to be transferred to one. I informed him I did not want to sit on hold for another hour and be told the same crap. He said, "well that's what is going to happen." I finally told him to transfer me. He placed me on hold for less than 30 seconds and then said he would have "Cindy" the floor supervisor call me back. I provided mine and my husband's phone numbers and advised they could call either number. After giving my husband a heads up, he took it upon himself to call them. Jeremy answered when my husband called. My husband requested Cindy, who all of a sudden didn't exist. Jeremy said they don't have supervisors and nobody by the name of Cindy. My husband asked for WHOM EVER is in charge if something were to go wrong. He put my husband in contact with his team leader. She confirmed there was nobody by the name of Cindy there but offered to help. According to my husband she was very pleasant and helpful. She said the technicians notes stated nobody was home so he left the equipment on our step (which explains why they asked if I needed the modem activated!) My husband informed her we were left with no equip and the technician happened to say he was at our house when I was still present and waiting. I guess he assumed since I said between 4:15 and 4:45 that nobody would be here at 4:45. To top it off, she acknowledged the multiple notes requesting a phone call, which never came! She provided the technicians supervisor number to my husband and apologized. By now, I had no interest in dealing with Windstream, especially given all the drama with Jeremy. My husband I reconsidered only if they could do something by the next day. Before we even had the opportunity to call them, I received a phone call around 8 pm from a woman named Tammy. She said she was returning my request for a call back. I told her my husband spoke with somebody, however, we were informed Cindy was the individual we would be hearing from. She was very snappy and the entire time I tried to explain she kept trying to interrupt me, saying "ma'am!"
    When I finished, I allowed her the opportunity to say whatever it was that was so important to be so rude. She said, "So, what do you want me to do?! Maybe I should just speak with your husband. Should I just do that?!"
    Bottom line, I told her I didn't give a **** what she did and hung up. The nerve of these people and to top it off, they HAVE NOTES!!! Read them!!! Review your notes before you call! They had a technician who claimed to be on a "trouble ticket" because you cannot estimate a time frame for a trouble ticket. If he were on an installation ticket, they would have been able to give an approximate time frame for how long a standard installment takes. They have a technician who doesn't want to work and instead of them taking care of business I spent and ENTIRE day at home. Waited and ENTIRE week without the internet (I need the internet for work) and half the day on the phone with people who do NOT care about the customer. They are there for data entry positions that require nothing more than the standard response and want nothing more asked of them. Their technician may or may not be held accountable but they were quick to point the finger at the customer and NOT the technician. "Per the technician's notes" was what I heard countless times. How about the multiple times I called? How about the fact I had no idea when I was asked about a modem? How about the fact that not at any point did I receive a phone call from the tech?
    I don't even know where to begin on how this is AWFUL business, especially when we aren't even established customers yet (not that it would be excused then either, it just goes to show they don't even try to present themselves in a professional manner to customers or non-customers!).

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