Windstream Internet Servicegetting half the speed I am paying for

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I have paid $60 per month since July 2010 for 3 mbps internet service from Windstream Communications. After I noticed my internet speeds were unacceptably slow, I went to the speed check website provided by Windstream. My speeds are only getting up to 1.5 mbps (at best) during the hours of 4 pm to 10 pm Monday through Friday and 1 pm to 10 pm Saturday and Sunday. I tried calling Windstream but they only transferred me about a million times and then told me thats the way its going to be until they fix it sometime in the unknown future. After I told them they were basically robbing me and I didnt appreciate it, and stayed on the phone with them for over an hour, they told me they would give me a $20 monthly credit to my account. They only actually did it once. I cant get another service provider because they are the only ones in my area. I think thats why they feel like they can get away with not fixing it. If I didnt work from home and need the money, I would tell them to get lost. I have seen many other complaints similar to mine on this website, you would think they would feel bad for providing such sub-par service.

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      Apr 09, 2016

    I have had the same experience with Windstream. Supposedly, we are getting a paltry 3mbps, but when testing it's much lower than that...1.5. A neighbor who lives 2 miles away gets much faster service. When I spoke the the representative, he stated there is no foreseeable upgrade to my service in the next few years! WHAT!? So, yes, I think they do not care one iota because they have a monopoly on the service in our area. Wish I had some recourse.

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