Windham Professionals, Inc.Harrassment and false collections

Both of my past education loans(from back in 1995-96) have been completely rehabilitated with Sallie Mae and the Dept of Education and are currently in excellent standing with a positive credit record. These people call me out of nowhere 3 months ago and continue to harass me with threats against me and against my extended family. This has now crossed over into criminal territory. I have no other outstanding loans and these people have continued to try and extort from me time and time again. When I tell them to send me copies of the "so-called" original loan documents that they say is outstanding, they fight and argue with me. They refuse to do so.

I have called the Better Business Bureau and reported them, I have also called an attorney to serve a Cease and Desist order against them. DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEIR PHONE CALLS AND THREATS! Go immediately to the authorities and pay them nothing. Tell them nothing. And, give them NO PERSONAL INFORMATION about yourself, your work, your financials, and your family.


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