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Windham Professionals / Rude Representatives

1 FL, United States Review updated:

About Windham Professionals Collection Agency - I truly feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with these so called "Professionals" as I did. I never thought this would happen, but, I spoke with Crystal and Mrs. Campbell and they were both so unprofessional. What a waste!

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      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    I happen to work with a company that uses Windham Professionals and guess what? Default fees can be up to 25% of your original loan balance and that will not show up on NSLDS. Because of people like you scamming the system and borrowing money that you will never pay back, this country's debt problem is worse and the economy gets worse, and because of your idiotic, stupid mistake the country is now in dire trouble.

    They will garnish wages. If it is too hard to pay the bills now, imagine what it would be like with 15% off your wages.

    Maybe you should get a refund on the money the original company loaned you because you are obviously TOO STUPID to have earned any sort of degree.

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      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    They are the most AWFUL collectors I have ever experienced in my ENTIRE LIFE. I have argued with them on several occassions. They are ALWAYS rude and UNPROFESSIONAL. The first time I had to call, the operator told me and I quote: "We can't do anything for you.. that's just too bad".. Then I had a representative call me later on in the day to set up arrangements. They do not document any of the payments set up, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE RECORDED! I had to set up a payments twice (since they couldn't find my original payment), as a result they ended up overdrawing my bank account by multiple payments... When I alerted them of this, they told me I needed to print off a bank statement and fax it to them. Shouldn't my payments be on file?! And I have to wait until the manager is available to have this double payment reversed. They SUCK!! And I also feel sorry for anyone else who has to deal with the incompetents working with this godawful company!

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      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    In regards to Inbound Collector: This is why people complain about your "services". You are the same way on this message board that you are on the phone with people. You should not be insulting anyone. Tell me have you ever gone to college? Do you have a degree? Highly unlikely since you sit at a phone all day and harass people. I have dealt with numerous employees from this company and every single one of them think that it is okay to harass, insult and pester people at their homes on a daily basis and a lot of times it is multiple times per day. Also I have told these employees that the number they are calling does not belong to me and they should not call it anymore yet they still do. They will even call at 9 pm and I will say that it is too late to be calling and their response is "You called us!" which is because I had to call them in order to speak to someone because they use automated messages to call people and ask the person to call back to a certain number and then the message hangs up. This company should not be in business or they should hire people that are not crude people that think that they are better than everyone else. I am sure a lot of the people working at collection agencies have had or still have debt of some sort but yet they chastise people for having debt and continue to harass and insult these individuals even to the point of constantly asking the person if there is a family member or someone they know that can pay the debt. That in my opinion is extremely rude. Also just because someone has debt does not mean they are stupid. Even if you go to college that does not mean you will be able to get a job that will support you and your family if you have a family. Which in turn means that if you can't get a job straight after school you cannot pay your debts/bills. Everyone is going through this. Most Americans have had to put certain bills on the "back-burner" to take care of things like rent/mortgages, food, electricity, water. It is just the way this country is right now. Also the country's debt issues have more to do with people that get loans for houses that they know they can't afford but want it anyway, it is the same thing with car loans. People want things that they know they cannot afford even if they have a good paying job, it is like a status symbol to have a very nice car or a big house. That is what is ruining the economy. not to mention the war is making this country enter into financial shambles.

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