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Purchased a used refrigerator from sears recently and was led to believe that if i made 6 payments of 248 the refrigerator would be paid off. Around the 5th month i get a email stating to either pay a buyout amount or continue leasing at the current amount ? Than it hit me i just been had. The total price of the refrigerator with warranty came up to 1493. When i called the company why not lease it they said i had a buy out amount of $821 . At this point i am steaming . Where the hell did my $1240 go ? And why in the world would a company be allowed to get away with such crooked service particularly on products that are used and as is. So in the end i will wind up paying double for a refrigerator that was as is and could have been purchased brand new for a much cheaper price elsewhere smh. I will never purchase another product from this crooked business

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    Well that should be explained at the time of purchase. Ideally no one should be charged close to double what the product is worth especially when the product is "As is". There is no one in the right state of mind who would be willing to rent a As is refrigerator for 248 a month . That by all means is a rip off. I made a huge mistake dealing with this company and now have to suffer the consequences. The key word is Lease in which i completely overlooked none the less the terms of the contract was not explained this way during the time of purchase because i would never had agreed to such foolishness. The same refrigerator i brought brand new is now on sale for $1199 at other competitive retailers when im done paying for my As is refrigerator i will have paid double that. Why not lease is are basically crooks with contracts to cover their [censor]. By the way my credit isn't bad at all just didn't have all the $$$ at the time to pay out of pocket smh

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    A very unfair cost at that. First off i dont have less than reliable credit. The mishap occurred when the salesperson did nit explain the purchase this way. It was basically explained to me that 6 payments in the amount of $248 and the refrigerator would be paid off. My 2 huge mistakes was not paying attention to the word Lease and not reading the small print on my receipt which like many others tend to disregard. This company is clearly a rip off and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Nov 22, 2017
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      Nov 22, 2017

    Buy It Now is a purchase option for people with less reliable credit. That higher risk comes at a cost.

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