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Look out for these people they will scam you and treat you rudely afterwards They will hang up on you or ignore you. We tried to book 2 seats with wholesale flights. Soon after we gave them our credit card information we noticed we did not have a ticket conformation. We called to ask about it and they said they would email it to us soon. What they sent us was a itinerary not a ticket conformation. We called The airlines, they stated that they have no flights or tickets for us on that date or any other date. We called The credit card company, who told that we had several charges on our account Some were not even to our destination that we authorized. So we had to cancel our credit card . We called Brian at Wholesale Flights to ask what was going on . HE gave us unbelievable rudeness. So we ask for a supervisor who gave us very aggressive mean and belittling treatment. We told them we were not authorizing the tickets with the credit card charges. Soon after that (this is so outrages) they started to harass us !!! They told us ticket had been issued we have no right to cancel. We told them the airlines told us there are no tickets in our name, you are liars Leave us alone. We Then booked tickets with a other travel agency for a even lower price. This happened in October 2015. In December We get a call from our credit card company, saying That Wholesale Flights is claiming a dispute. They say it not fraud if we called them and agreed to purchase tickets. We say we never received tickets or a conformation especially to destinations we were not going to fly to. The credit card Co. did rule in our favor. It is just unbelievable to be a victim of fraud and then be harassed afterward . Do not trust any positive reviews. They are scammers. They must have employees posting good reviews Really all 5 star reviews?? Hard to believe I don.t know why Credit Card Company's are willing to deal with them, or even the airlines?.

Dec 12, 2015

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