Whataburgerwrong order and forgotten items

Placed and order for a #14 large with Sprite I wanted it with the gravy and bbq sauce. had to repeat the order a few times to the guy then ordered a #1 with no tomatoes with a Sprite. The guy got that one first time. That finished the first order and then we placed a second order. The second order was a double meat whatburger plain meat and cheese only. That finished the second order. We waited then got to the window and payed for the first order and the guy handed us the 2 Sprite.then waited like 3mins and he hands us the double meat plain which was perfect.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dickinson, TX We sat there for another 3-4 mins and the guy comes and ask what we were missing. We said the first order and handed him the card to pay for the second order lol right. So with the window open he yells to another employee "hey where is that #14 and #1" the guy says something but I didn't hear it then the guy asks us to pull around and he will bring us the order. we wait for maybe 5 minutes and he brings us the orders. We grab the spicy ketchup I love and leave because we just wanted to go home by now. We get down the road and I'm checking the bag. Surprise the #14 has no fries also they didn't give me the gravy. We didn't get a receipt for the first one but did for the second one.

Feb 05, 2017

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