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Richland, MS, United States
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I went to whataburger and ordered 2 pancake platters only a sausage biscuit. Got all the way home and did not have what I ordered. I went yesterday morning and ordered a pancake platter and sausage biscuits and didn't check but food was right. This morning I didn't check because I thought it was on point customer service. I got home had bout one whole piece of bacon broken up in one along with about two onions and a piece of lettuce on my pancake which means my cakes were oniony. Not acceptable. I don't do complaints but this time I had to. This is the whataburger in Richland MS. The lady at the inside front counter skills were on point and she was trying to change my experience and she did but when I got home I was mad all over again. No one wants pancakes with an oniony taste. There's room for improvement.

Jan 29, 2017

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