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Hello we wanted to complain because we have an auto loan with this company and have for a little over two yrs now. Frst off we have very high interest as we have not even started paying off vehicle, second we recently received a bill for twice what our payments were. So we called to find out what was going on as we knew we were not late, we were told the computer must have fixed itself as it shows one payment being due the 15th ( it was the 10th) so the rep asked when will we be making that as couldnt make payment then feance stated fri the 15th hsould have it or mon the 18th they said ok and ended call. Ok so well here is where we get very angry...our house phone rang.. my feance picked up the phone and they asked for me, he thought it was a solicitor so he said wrong number sorry. the lady on the other end started talking about the make of our vehicle and that they were on their way to repo it. I wasnt there so he still stuck with as sorry wrong number. Hung up the phone and called westlake to find out what was going on as it was the 14th and was told fri was ok as wasnt late. Well thats when they told him we must pay it by friday night or they will repo. he stated he couldnt understand why they would as it wasnt even 30 days late. So we called all friends to see if we could get a payment to them and found a willing friend to spot us till got paid. Well she lives 3 states away and only has computer right now as having cell phone repaired. but she called to make our small payment of 330 but only could do 300 AND THEY TURNED HER DOWN CAUSE SHE WAS 30 $ SHORT!!! so she emailed me cursing them out and informed me they didnt take it and she will try to find the rest. Well have a family memeber that could do the restt but couldnt get ahold of the other and Westlake still wouldnt let them pay that way!! GRRRRR money is money Dang it!! Anyways we are STILL trying to make our payment we had to place a postdated check (closed account) for them to wait till mon.

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  • Jo
      Feb 06, 2014

    yes this is totally correct this company is total rip off and i would never let my worst enemy get a loan with these people first of all they
    make so much money from you then they take the car a sell it and still want you to pay the note off I'm in a court battle with them right now so please if you think about a car loan go to someone else you save money in the end post by Joe Decker Pittston pa

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