WestJet / flight attendant

We flew Westjet flight 2061 from Cabo San Lucas to Vancouver on March 23, 17 departing 3:35pm. We upgraded to economy plus. The flight attendant Bradley was very unapproachable and he made us feel like we a bother. He was curt and made me feel very uncomfortable. He was only pleasant to the other cabin crew and I wished we just flew economy because the air attendants back there seemed friendly. The flight in economy plus on Westjet flight 2060 going to Cabo was night and day. The air attendants were warm, friendly and took care of us and made me feel at ease and pleased we chose WestJet. I'm a bit of a nervous flyer and they made the flight very pleasant. He might need a bit of training on how to treat the passengers and not just do the bare minimum in the service department.

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