WestJet Airlines / refusal to supply me with a flight delay report

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My flight was delayed and I had to stay overnight. WestJet provided some expenses but not all. My credit card insurance provides for expenses for this kind of delay, subject to the air carrier providing a report.
WestJet is refusing to give me a report and wants me to provide my insurance details so that they can contact and deal with my insurer directly.
We are at a standoff - WestJet is asking for information that is personal to me, and is refusing to give me a flight delay report.
This is not the first time, I've had issues with WJ. Previously they denied me my one free bag which my credit card provided for, as they said I bought a basic ticket which did not allow a free bag. Later the airline apologized for their staff not knowing the policy. This just seems like a another blind dog teaching a blind dog how to do their job.

Jan 03, 2019
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  • Tj
      Jan 14, 2019

    WestJet is doing the same thing to me and my husband. Why not submit the flight delayed report and be done with it? My credit card is giving me the insurance and I'm covered …. very bad customer service and I feel I am being punished at Both ends … I am losing faith in these institutions …
    Terry from Stoon

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